PEDESTRIAN.TV have partnered with Bankwest to show you how to band together and give your pals something a lil' extra on their birthday this year, plus how you can score rewards for being a good mate. Win win.

If, like me, the phrase “let’s think out of the box” for gift ideas has you groaning every time it pops up in the group chat (because you just know it’s going to be followed by something decidedly not out of the box and probably vaguely concerning), then when your mate’s birthday comes around you may be tempted to just chuck the chat on mute and pitch in for whatever your pals come up with.

But do not let yourself go with that flow, friend. You’re better than that. Set the group chat on fire with suggestions that will solidify you as the alpha gift giver of your mates. This is your moment.

And if nothing else, it means your mates have to step it up when it comes to your birthday. Not saying I’m a great influence (I am), but I am the resident queen gift-giver of my friend circle and can vouch that the presents have gotten better ever since.

A literal star

Is your friend the star, or are you the star for giving them such a literally out of this world present that nobody can ever beat (unless they purchase an even bigger floating space rock)? Pretty sure it’s the latter. Let’s be real, the actual wrappable gift of a star chart is brill even just as an art piece, so either way it’s a win. You can get em HERE for $60 and even pick which constellation you want your mate to live in forever.

Espresso machine

The world is practically powered by caffeine nowadays, and even if the world wasn’t it’s a safe bet that your mate probably is. The idea of spending $6 on a coffee each day is absolute trash, so save your pal some cash and get them a fancy espresso machine to keep them awake and functioning as a human. Embrace the beans, friend.

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Insta-friendly vertical garden

These things keep popping up everywhere. They look sweet and are probs some of the easiest gardens to take care of, which (if you’re a horrible plant-carer like myself) means your mate can chill instead of spending hours taking care of their demanding lil’ plant babies. It’s also a gigantic gift that your group can knock together on the cheap, and you’ve got a built in backdrop for the beaut Insta snaps your mate will inevitably take.

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Luxe linen sheets

You know you’re killing it as an adult when you’re drooling away on sheets that cost more than your weekly rent. Because really, if your sheets aren’t stone washed for added softness, you might as well be sleeping on a bed of knives. And do you want your mate to be sleeping on a bed of knives? No, you do not, because you are not the literal worst.

Countertop pizza oven

I may not be 30 yet but I legit need one of these. Who wouldn’t want a cute lil’ pizza oven for their own personal pizza parties? They can power it up whenever they like and indulge in those terrible pizza tastes that nobody else will understand (pineapples and anchovies are both awful on pizza, fact). It’s practical and will inevitably end up with you invited over for pizza on the reg. There is literally no downside to this plan.

Volunteer as the saviour of your friend group and not only come up with a brilliantly extra idea, but chuck the cost on your credit card so it’s all taken care of in one hit. Bankwest‘s Platinum More Mastercard can cover the most extra of gifts, and you’ll nab some rewards points each year as well – so really, it’s a present to yourself.

Take your rightful place as the literal hero of birthday season and frankly you should be guaranteed an invite to everyone’s parties from now on.

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