Any high end designer is gonna describe their bags as ‘works of art’, but it couldn’t be more true in this case.

Dior‘s kickass creative director, Maria Grazia Chiuri, has just gone and released a range of fancy schmancy bags, collectively referred to as the ‘Dior Lady Art #3’ project.

For those unfamiliar with the initiative, the brand has started a tradition of collaborating with select artists  to reimagine the iconic Lady Dior bag.

This year, Chiuri’s brought back the blingy challenge, and compiled a list of female-only artists from around the world to do the task. The result? Equal parts amazing and eye-boggling bags.

From OTT embellishment and fur to accessories that look like they’ve come from another dimension, there’s a load of supremely outlandish totes on show.

As is always the case with ‘art’, there’s some truly incredible stuff and a light dose of things that’ll make you say, ‘um, whuut?’. We’ll be honest, not a lot of these are super wearable, but we’d still have them if they were even remotely affordable.

Scroll down to see the most batshit bags the artists dreamt up.

First up is this iridescent Aquaman trippin’ on acid creation and we don’t hate it:

Pae White – USA

Then there’s blissfully furry piece, which could honestly double as a makeshift pet when you’re travelling:

Burçak Bingöl – Turkey

Granted, this bag is lit, but all I see are those blingy charm belts from the 2000s:

Isabelle Cornaro – France

Presenting: my hungover stomach, in bag form:

Morgane Tschiember – France

This is just a lot to process, end of:

Polly Apfelbaum – USA

Oooooft. I have mould in my bathroom that is nearly identical to this beaut:

Lee Bul – Korea

Ferrero Rocher wrapper chains, anyone?

Olga de Amaral – Colombia

All images: Dior