Now that Halloween is over, we can all throw ourselves with absolutely no abandon into Christmas. That means carols, novelty earrings – and festive decorating.

In the best news yet, the 2017 obsession with succulents – the hardy little plants that are almost impossible to kill – has found a Christmas variation in the form of Little Succers wreaths.

The succulent delivery brand has two wreaths on offer for your festive decor needs – the full succulent version above, and this more subtle kind.

Look, they’re not cheap – the twig one will set you back $90, and the full-succulent version $190. That being said, they’d look absolutely killer on your front door, and absolutely up the value of your home by like 200%. Okay, maybe not – but sometime you just deserve nice things that aren’t made of plastic, okay.

Little Succers wreaths are available as of now, although expect a 10 day wait for production – these babies take time to perfect, guys. Hit up the Little Succers site now.