It’s pretty much impossible to see the word ‘Bugatti’ and not start singing “girl comes up to me and says/What you driving?”, aka Tiga‘s insanely infectious banger from ’08. So let that be the official soundtrack for this yarn, friends. See, the luxury car brand itself just dropped a whole new vehicle for you – well, those of you reading this who land in the upper 1% – a bloody superyacht.

Of course, it’s a sleek, sleek ride. This is Bugatti we are talking about here, not like, some economy-style brand built for functionality alone. 
No, this is sex-on-water vibes, and it has all the fab trappings. Like this jacuzzi, which will definitely at some point pop up on TMZ with some rich celeb in it cheating on his wife/gf. 
There’s also a champagne bar, a leather/wood deck… And this fire pit. Honestly. A fire pit? That’s just so extravagant.
This baby’ll set you back a cool 3 milli, and it’s the first in a series of three that Bugatti announced they’d be producing two years ago. They’ve gone with the name ‘Niniette‘ (this first release is the ‘Niniette 66‘), which adorably is the nickname of company founder Ettore Bugatti‘s daughter, Lidia
Wish you could hire your own superyacht to fang ’round in? You totally could if you won our lil’ comp right here, which gives you the chance to pocket a sweet $20k:

Image: Bugatti.