A Bunch Of Books That Are 10/10 Certified Beach Reads For Your Summer HolsBeach reads are crucial for any summer holiday – whether you’re spending Christmas on your family’s farm or literally at the beach, a book you’re enthralled by can get you to max relaxo levels in no time.

I classify beach reads as any book that’s a page-turner, be it trashy romance or an intense memoir. Everyone has different tastes so naturally we all have different books we like reading on holiday.

I’ve compiled a list of stuff I recently read and loved, as well as a few books I’ve been itching to buy for a while.

1. The One, Kaneana May

This book is the kind of easy-to-read fluff you want if you love reality TV. Kaneana used to write for Aussie soapies, so she knows how to spin a good dramatic romance. The book is essentially a bit of a play on The Bachelor, following a producer, contestant, woman loosely connected to the show and the lead guy through a season. It’s a bit UnReal, a bit actual Bachie. I read it in 2 days and loved every second.

2. The Prettiest Horse In The Glue Factory, Corey White

This is a heavy read, but it’s written so beautifully that I couldn’t put it down, so I thought it was worth including. Corey, a Melbourne-based comedian, recounts his traumatic childhood of foster homes, abuse and mental illness. You’d think the horrific events Corey experienced would make this book devastating, but he’s a fighter – it’s a powerful story of survival and healing.

3. Acid For The Children, Flea

You don’t need to be a massive RHCP fan to be hooked on Flea’s incredible life experience – out of home at 14 and living on the streets, experimenting with hard drugs through his teens and then his rise as part of one of the most incredible bands of all time. Muso memoirs are often page-turners and this is definitely on my beach reads list.

4. Three Women, Lisa Taddeo

I read this one for my book club, and was riveted. Lisa spent years interviewing three real women, then wove their stories into this fictional novel. It’s raw and at times hard to read – the women don’t have idyllic lives and one story focuses on statutory rape. But some of her insights into the female experience hit home so hard, and the jumping between each woman’s story keeps you hooked.

5. Adults, Emma Jane Unsworth

I recently read Emma’s ‘Animals’ and fucking loved it so much – so I can’t wait to read Adults, which also follows the 30-something-and-still-a-bit-of-a-fuck-up concept but instead of two friends who still get shitfaced all week well past Uni, it’s one woman navigating that bit after your “it’s fine to not have my shit together” period.

6. Bowraville, Dan Box

Dan Box’s Bowraville podcast for The Australian was one of the first true crime podcasts I ever listened to, and remains one of the best Australia has produced. Now, he has a book out that covers his extensive investigation into the murders of three Indigenous children in the northern NSW town, and I’ll be reading it this summer – you need time to read a book like this, which is why it’s perfect for a holiday.

7. Grand Union, Zadie Smith

I’ve had this on my to-read list for a while – Zadie Smith is a lord, and this is her first foray into short stories. Sometimes short stories are what you need on holidays – things you can read in bite-sized chunks on the plane, in the car and so on.

8. Bruny, Heather Rose

Weirdly predicting some national political events that have *kind* of happened lately (no spoilers though), Bruny is a page-turning mystery – a new bridge that’ll connect Bruny Island to mainland Tassie is blown up, but who is responsible? The groups fighting against the development, or more sinister forces?