The Australian fashion world has some pretty stylish men in it. They’re making social media waves with their super slick looks on Instagram, and proving that there’s definitely still a place for polished, tailored fashion in menswear. Sure, we stalk them for sartorial inspiration – but what about delving into their grooming practices? 

We figured any guy taking care with his fashion choices has probably taken the time to consider what cologne he’s repping – after all, scent is pretty powerful when it comes to making an impression. So we hit up some of our fave Aussie fashion influencers to find out what scents we might’ve been missing out on.

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“My ultimate fragrance would be Maison Francis Kurkdjian Baccarat Rouge 540. I came across it during my time in Paris. It works on my skin really well, and has all the notes I look for in a scent – natural floral and woody tones.”


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“I was looking for months for a new fragrance, and was on my way to buy Tom Ford Oud Wood, but on my way through the department store there were those people handing out samples directly between myself and the Tom Ford display. Next thing I know, I’m walking out of the store with a bottle of Dunhill Icon Absolute! l and have never looked back, it’s a really spicy, full bodied scent with top notes of bergamot and black pepper; middle notes of saffron, black rose and jasmine; then base notes of agarwood, tobacco leaf and leather.”


“My pick would be the Ralph Lauren Polo Red. Since i can remember, my dad has been a huge fan of the Polo fragrance by Ralph Lauren and so it brings back a lot of childhood memories. When Polo Red was released, i had to give it a try and it was definitely a winner for me. It’s strong, yet has a light hint of musk which is both citrusy and manly.”


“My favourite cologne would definitely be David Beckham’s Instinct. It’s become a signature scent of mine that I can wear with any occasion. I’ve always admired Beckham, not only for his style but I loved watching him play football and have attempted to imitate his free kick technique….I wasn’t very successful. Anyway, I love this cologne because it’s not expensive at all, it’s easily affordable for students like me.”


“I came across Yves Saint Laurent La Nuit De L’Homme while shopping for some one else during Christmas around four years ago. I bought naturally because of the fragrance, but the stand out for me was that they had a summer day scent and a similar one for night. Its become a signature now.”

Image: Instagram / Sam Wines.