If you’ve got a lot of difficult-to-buy-for mates this Christmas, welcome to the easiest gift of your life that will absolutely elicit screams of joy. See, everyone loves a bottle of fancy spirits. But fancy spirits that have been specifically customised just for their tastes? That’s bloody genius.

The good gang at Archie Rose Distillery in Sydney are doing exactly this across their vodka, gin and whisky offerings. Basically, hit up their site, and you can choose up to five botanicals to infuse into their signature spirit blend.

Before anyone tries to come for me with “Duhhhh it’s not new news, they’ve been doing this for years”, I’m very aware this isn’t a new offering from Archie Rose. But it’s definitely the first time I’d heard about it, and damn if I’m not going to help you all out with all future Chrissy/30th/engagement/everything gifts.

For anyone confused as to what to pick, they also have suggestions like Vodka Summer Squeeze (Blood Lime, Fresh Orange, Lemon Myrtle) and The Aviator Gin (Blood Lime, Ginger Root, Orris Root).

You then decide what botanicals should be stronger in the mix. From there, you can custom label the spirit with your name and the name of the recipient.

The whisky is easily the most luxurious offering from these guys, though. For the cool price of $4,000+, they’ll make you your own cask of whisky.

“From base grain and malt, cask type and cask size to smoke level and bottling strength, the specifications are yours to select, before our distillers produce your very own whisky from scratch in our distillery in Rosebery, Sydney,” their site explains.

100 casks of Rye, done and dusted! Another huge milestone for the Archie Rose crew.

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Want to be even more OTT with your gift? They do copper cocktail sets that honestly are so chic they wouldn’t look out of place in some sort of royal palace situation.

I for one will be gifting these to everyone. Except the whiskey, to be so lucky and have a casual $4k at my disposal… what a life.

If you’re keen as hell, hit up their site here.

Image: Instagram /@archierosesyd