This might be the most luxury accommodation in existence – Airbnb are holding a competition at the moment where one lucky winner could score an overnight stay at The Louvre. Yes, the famous art gallery in Paris.

The winner will be able to take a plus one for a very exclusive stay in this room with a full night-sky view:

But it’s not all about the room. The winner will score a VIP tour of the gallery – anyone who has tried to just enjoy the Mona Lisa amidst the crowds will know how precious this opportunity is. But you’ll also get to relax with a beverage in front of the famous artwork, before moving into the makeshift dining room… in front of the Venus De Milo.

Then, you’ll enjoy a private concert in THIS:

That’s part of the Napoleon III apartment exhibit, and it’s exactly where I would like to listen to some chill acoustic tunes, tbh.

The competition is running until April 12th so you need to get in quick – head here to enter.  Obviously given only one person can win, you’ve got some slim chances BUT the good news is Airbnb are opening up some new experiences involving the Louvre, including private tours and intimate gigs at the gallery’s Café Richelieu.