Installation art is always the coolest. Whether it’s Tatsuo Miyajima‘s thought-provoking Mega Death (which I hope you caught at the MCA in Sydney this summer, mates), or Yayoi Kusama‘s immersive light rooms, there’s something especially “wooooow” about art that is designed to be experienced in a physical way.

If you’re headed to California anytime soon, you’d best hightail it to the Coachella Desert. Perched smack bang in the middle of nowhere is this phenomenal, completely mirrored house.
It’s an art piece titled ‘Mirage‘ by Doug Aitken, and it’s part of the Desert X event. It was inspired by legendary architect Frank Lloyd Wright, who had the belief that architecture should be a part of the landscape it’s in. 
The mirrored walls throw insanely clear reflections of both the landscape and the skyline, so the house kind of disappears into its surroundings.
Wanna check it out for yourself? Desert X is running until the end of April, meaning if you’re headed to the States for Coachella you can catch the whole exhibition. Mirage itself is actually hanging around til October, so it’s well worth a detour if you have a US trip on the cards later this year.
Images: Lance Gerber, Andrew Pielage.