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Your 30th is arguably the best birthday celebration you’ll ever have. Think about it. Your 18th was just an excuse to drink legally. Your 21st? Embarrassing amount of bandage dresses and terrible speeches from friends you don’t even know anymore.

But your 30th? You’re older. Wiser. Able to organise an event you’ll actually want to see photos of after it’s over. Can choose an outfit that won’t date in 3 months. In short, it’s the best birthday yet – so it’s worth doing right.

To avoid being like everyone else in your friendship circle – who are hiring function rooms that have zero personality – get across our slick ideas for 3oth bdays that aren’t cliche as hell.


Source: AirBnB.

Celebrate rolling into your 30’s by renting out an absolutely baller Air BnB or Stayz place for a night (or hell, a weekend if you can afford it). We’re not talking budget – think sweeping views, landscaped gardens, and opulence everywhere.

If you have a budget for your bday and can pay for it yourself – props to you. But you’ll likely find your mates are happy to throw down some cash in exchange for celebrating your 30th. If you feel weird about it, saying the cost is in lieu of a gift can help ease the financial pressure.


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If a big party night is just not your thing, don’t forget that 30ths don’t have to be held in the evening and roll through til 4am. Setting up a decked-out picnic can feel just as spesh, and also accommodates for any mates with cute animals (always a plus at parties) or kids.

Add the fancy factor by making things like champagne stations, ordering catered food so you don’t have to cook, and hitting Pinterest for outdoor design ops.


Source: Instagram / @alessandraambrosio

If your 30th’s giving you hives, and the idea of a big party is the worst thing you can think of – use it as an excuse to go away with your close pals. Whether you hit up Hawaii for a week/get everyone on a plane to Coachella, or simply head to Tassie for the weekend, getting away on your actual birthday can make it feel like less of a big deal, and erase the feeling that you need to throw some huge party for it.


Source: Instagram / @kendalljenner

If your birthday lands in a warm month, getting out on the ocean like you’re Beyonce and Jay Z is a fantastic way to celebrate. While the overall cost of a superyacht might be a steep bill to foot on your own – like the mansion idea, pooling together your friendship circle and asking everyone to pitch in can make this an easily affordable reality.


Source: Instagram / @petit4s

Hitting up fine dining establishments is usually a rare occurrence for most of us, especially as a big group. But if you’ve got budget for a party but don’t feel like having a party-party, why not select your nearest and dearest and shout them a three course meal at a fancy joint?

Many have private dining rooms they will happily provide to larger groups, meaning you can have the feel of a 30th party without the actual rowdiness (if it’s not your thing).


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Literally can’t stand the thought of people around you on your 30th? Some of us just aren’t into all the attention, and that is A-OK. So why not treat yourself to an insane level, and spend all day in a luxury spa? Daylesford, The Blue Mountains, and the Byron Hinterlands are popular spots around Oz with huge, schmick spas to visit. But even city-based spas inside hotels usually have day-long offerings that’ll leave you feeling epic.


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Glamping is a terrible word, but the premise is perfect for a 30th. It’s essentially about taking the out-in-nature element of camping and mixing it with creature comforts, so why not hit the road with your mates (or just your S.O/best pal), set up a slick camping area complete with fairy lights and a communal space, and have a low-key celebration in the wilderness.


Source: Instagram / @haileybaldwin

So you want to party but not necessarily be the centre of attention complete with embarro speeches? Hire a booth in the best club you can think of, get a city-view apartment, and go absolutely wild with all your mates. Order only the best spirits and champagne and really, really dress up. It’s the best excuse for that glomesh dress or forcing your mates to all wear suits outside of a wedding.

Image: Instagram / @haileybaldwin