You can tell a lot about a person by their bed sheets.
Some people are fastidious with their bedding arrangements and wash their 1,200 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets every week, without fail.
Others don’t get around to changing the Kmart sheets they’ve slept in since 2009 till the end of every month.
No matter which group you identify with, you can surely appreciate bedding extraness when you see it. And there’s nothing more extra than these 24-karat gold bedsheets found in a hotel in Italy:
TownHouse Galleria in Milan is a luxury five star hotel that’s the very first in the world to boast 24-karat gold woven sheets. 

“The 24 Carat Gold Sheets have been conceived by Alessandro Rosso Dubai, designed by Federico Buccellati and made by Piana Clerico 1582,” reads a page of their website dedicated entirely to explaining the sheets.

“Sheets are made of a fabric woven with 24 Carat Gold (40%) and the most precious silk yarns. The parure includes one bottom sheet, four pillowcases, and one duvet cover. Piana Clerico 1582 certificate of guarantee guarantees the authenticity.”
The sheets are a feature of the Seven Stars Ottagono Presidential Suite in the hotel, which also presents a breath-taking panoramic view of the center of Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II.
If you want to experience the sheets but can’t be arsed traveling all the way to Milan, you can buy them, and they’ll come complete in “precious boxes with a guarantee certificate and gold thread coil” for a cool AUD$293,909.
Not sold on the benefit of sleeping in pure gold? The hotel goes on to explain exactly why you need to purchase these sheets in a rather embellished fashion:
“Symbol of wealth and royalty, gold stimulates wisdom and desire for knowledge. It has a protective effect, brings vital energy, increases self-esteem, courage, and willpower and amplifies positive feelings.”
I’ll take ten!
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Source: Gizmodo.

Photo: TownHouse Hotels.