If you’re keen for a refresh of your bedding but those fancy and trendy luxe sets are a bit out of your budget, you’ll be bloody delighted to know that Target is now entering the Insta-worthy bedding scene with a very noice-looking range of stonewashed cotton linens.

Honestly, if there’s one thing I’ve learned during these last few months at home, it’s that fresh bedding is absolutely king. There’s no two ways around it, fresh sheets can turn your mood from a zero to 100 cozies. Before everything happened and I ended up spending a lot more time in and around my bed, I already knew that I had a deep love for good bedding when I was deeply considering spending my entire rent money on a very fancy cord set.

But now? You can bet your sweet ass I’m going to spoil myself to a new set and some matching European pillowcases (which I actually really need, thank you.)

target arlo stonewash bedding
Arlo Stonewash Mustard Queen Quilt Set – $69

The new Arlo range from Target is absolutely a direct response to all the earthy and muted-toned bedding you see everywhere on Instagram. Instead of them costing you all the pint money you’ve saved from the pubs being shut (ugh, my heart), the Target bedding ranges are all under $100 – and that goes right up to a ‘super king’ sized bed. Which I also want now, thank you.

Excuse me that is a steal and yes I will be buying the mustard set and also probably a bunch of other colours so I can make some gross-but-fantastic sheet-matching decisions.

The Target range features quilt and sheet sets, as well as European pillowcases, so you can mix and match your bedding colours as you please. I reckon the khaki and violet quilt and sheets would go together a bloody treat. And maybe my beloved mustard with the natural, or the charcoal would look so good too.

target arlo stonewash bedding
Arlo Stonewash Khaki European Pillowcase – $15

Look I probably don’t need to encourage or enable you (or myself, for that matter) to buy more bedding but hey, where else are you gonna go this year? Outside? Don’t bloody think so. It’s bed forever, may as well make it comfy.

Image: Target