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While smart lights are a great way to easily transform the mood and atmosphere of a room, some of the more well-respected and popular brands are saddled with premium price tags.

While Nanoleaf’s light panels are fantastic, buying some is a big investment to make. When a Shapes starter kit usually retails for $350, it’s not a purchase you can just splash out on without really having thought about it first.

However, we have good news. You can currently save just over $100 off the price tag of the Nanoleaf Shapes Triangle and Hexagon starter kits. Both of these Nanoleaf starter kids include nine light panels of their respective shapes, and you can currently pick them up for $248 each over at Amazon.

The five-pack Shapes Hexagon starter kit is also on sale for $179, down from a usual $229.99. That’s not a bad option if you don’t want to crack $200, but for an extra $69 you can get another four hexagons with the nine-pack kit. It’s better value per hexagon.

What’s so good about Nanoleaf’s Shapes?


When people think “smart lights”, they usually picture an LED light bulb or light strip that they can control from their phone or smart home hub.

Nanoleaf’s Shapes line is very different. Instead of bulbs, these smart lights are a series of panels that you can rearrange and join with one another to create geometric patterns on your wall.

You still control them via phone app, and are able to program them to display any number of bright and colourful patterns.

These light panels also respond to external stimulus. Touching them will make the panels flash a different colour, and you can also have them respond to music you’re playing.


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What’s particularly great about smart lights is that if you apply some basic colour theory, they can help to give you a nice boost to your mental health.

In Gizmodo’s review of the triangle Shapes, they noted the therapeutic effect these smart lights had on her:

My sleep has improved significantly while I’ve been using the Nanoleaf lights, as has my mood. While it’s hard to properly gauge the exact impact in numbers, I’ve noticed I’m much more relaxed using the devices to read before bed. Like being in a warm bath, they’re great for carving out time for yourself and focusing on your mental health.

You can grab the Nanoleaf Shapes Triangles Starter Kit (9 pack) here, and the Shapes Hexagon Smarter Kit (9 pack) here. Both kits are on sale via Amazon for $248, down from $349.99.

Image: Nanoleaf