Say a fond farewell to losing literal hours in the massive Sydney IKEA stores in RhodesMarsden Park, and Tempe, the Swedish flatpack kings have announced that it’s opening a little store on the Northern Beaches in May, specifically, in Warringah Mall.

Oh and when I say “tiny store” I mean tiny in comparison to the huge IKEAs that seem to bend time and space, forcing you to not only lose a whole day of your life, but gain at least 400 new things that you never knew you needed.

The small format concept store in the heart of Brookvale is set to be the first of the company’s kind on Australian shores, with more of a focus on helping Aussies to plan out home improvement, and transforming spaces like kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms into space-saving dream rooms.

So it’s a bit less of a place where you might walk out with a thousand vanilla-scented candles and the latest addition to the Malm family, and more of a place for those wanting to get some serious inspo for their own edition of House Rules.

IKEA staff will be on-hand to walk folks through what their house could look like with a touch of the ol’ IKEA razzle-dazzle, and with a focus on sustainability and affordability, I’m thinking it’ll be a lot of nifty little storage ideas and how to live a true Swedish home-life (sans tins of Surstömming).

Here’s a little peek at what the Home Planning Studio in London looks like.

The home styling company says that the store will be split into various spaces for each section of the house, with the bedroom corner being scented with florals and styled with classic detailing, the kitchen nook is more of a ~wellness sanctuary~ with the eco-shopper in mind. Not sure what that means, but hopefully it’s a little less stressful than the showroom floor in the big shops.

My guess is it’ll be more of an in-real-life version of the online Home & Kitchen Planner. I’m just hoping that they’ll somehow be able to still sell me my precious $1 hotdogs.

The IKEA Home Planning Studio is set to fling open its doors in Warringah Mall in May.

Image: Instagram / @ikea_australia