PEDESTRIAN.TV has teamed up with Western Sydney University so you can be better to the environment.

Look, at some point in our lives we have to kind of agree that yes, we’re all a bit lazy sometimes. I myself came to the conclusion when I realised I’d rather eat directly from the saucepan instead of having to wash up the dishes, but your awakening could’ve come at any moment.

But once you have that awakening, you gotta take responsibility for the fact that your laziness might actually be contributing to the hellfire that is the lack of sustainability in our world – and take note of how you’re mucking up the environment while you’re at it.

And maybe you’re not aware of how the choices you’re ALREADY making are affecting it.

How Not To Be A Massive Jerk To The Environment In 2019

It can be hard to figure out what the heck is actually the right thing to do sometimes, and TBH if you’re sitting there with the air con on in your car while you sip from a canned drink, you probably don’t realise that you’re already making dodgy decisions.

It’s okay. We’re here to educate you on how not to ruin our sexy ol’ planet with your nonsense. Ignorance is not your best friend anymore, pals.

Western Sydney University have done the hard yards and come up with the nifty lil’ New Years Resolutions That Matter quiz to see whether you can actually identify what’s worse for the environment – and give you some quick pointers on what you can do to fix what you’re already doing wrong.

Because as Dr Holly Kaye-Smith from WSU says, “The way we consume, use and dispose of consumer goods has devastating consequences for people, animals and the environment. Yet, 99% of the stuff we buy is thrown away within six months.”

I can say with absolute certainty that I didn’t know a bunch of the answers to the questions, and felt like a right fool when I was smugly clicking away as if I was some sort of environmental genius just coz I had to learn about sustainability in high school geography.

How Not To Be A Massive Jerk To The Environment In 2019

So give the quiz a crack and see what you could do to fix up your naughty, naughty habits. It’s a good lil’ resolution for the New Year.

Find out more here.

Image: Instagram / @jaredleto