We’re charging headlong into the festive season. You could take a punt on a particular gift, or you could peruse our list of gift voucher ideas and get your loved ones something they actually want: something they’ve picked themselves.

Many will argue that vouchers don’t quite carry the same personal cache as an individual gift. I get it. That said, I love gift vouchers.

Most of the stuff I actually want is either wildly specific, or too expensive to be a Christmas gift, or both. A gift voucher is a solid way for someone to tell me, ‘Dude, I like you, but not that much.’ I respect that immensely.

In that spirit, please wrap your eyes around this list of gift voucher ideas (and a few suggestions for what your lucky recipient could buy with them). Peace!

LoveHoney gift voucher

gift voucher idea - lovehoney
We-Vibe Nova 2 Rechargeable App Controlled Rabbit Vibrator, $189.95

Let’s start this list strong. After all, you can’t know somebody like they know themselves – and your mates have probably come to know themselves pretty well over lockdowns.

Bunnings Warehouse gift voucher

Spear & Jackson 500mm Predator Hand Saw, $26.20

Some hand tools are a little more traditional. Besides, who doesn’t have a home improvement project they’ve been eyeing off for months?

Endota Spa gift voucher

Intense Radiance facial, $125-$180

Been a while since you’ve felt someone’s touch? Same! Alleviate someone else’s deprivation with an Endota Spa gift voucher.

Steam digital gift card

Steam digital gift cards, $5-$100

Alternatively, if your loved ones are quite happy to stay inside a bit longer, you could do a lot worse than a Steam gift card. One to consider, with Cyberpunk 2077 in the near distance

Priceline gift card

Dr. Lewinn’s Recoverederm Intensive Overnight Barrier Repair Balm 50 mL, $44.99

I should not need to explain to you how versatile a Priceline gift voucher can be. I am fairly sure if you partnered this with the Bunnings one listed above, you could fit out an entire home and stock every cupboard in the bathroom.

Ticketmaster e-gift card

Ticketmaster e-gift card, $10-$450

Live touring is an increasingly bright prospect for 2021, so you may as well make up for all the gigs you and your mates missed this calendar year.

Temple & Webster gift voucher

Grey Logan upholstered bed, $249-$299

Sleep easy knowing those near and dear can access some reasonably-priced homewares and furniture.

Beer Cartel gift certificate

Beerbliotek New England Double IPA, $11

It’s been a tricky year to organise beers with your mates. Make the situation a little easier over the next few months with Beer Cartel vouchers (and expect to swipe a few tins at the next backyard session).

Cotton On gift voucher

Washed Pocket T-Shirt, $13.99-$19.99

I can guarantee there’s someone in your life who’d appreciate an oversized tee right about now.

Kikki.K e-gift voucher

A5 To Do List pad, $9.99

So what if 2020 was a write-off? Help someone get organised for the year ahead with a handy-dandy Kikki.K e-gift voucher.

Elite Supplements gift voucher

Prana Power Plant protein powder 400g, $34.50

Give the gift of gains this summer with a voucher for protein-slingers Elite Supplements. Will it help your mate’s deadlift form? Look, that’s debatable, but you can sort them out with some recovery shakes.

Joy’s De’Lights gift voucher

US Pop Tarts 8-packs, $9.90

Can’t sneak to the US or the UK to fulfil your friend’s foreign lolly fix? Don’t stress. Sort them out with a voucher for Joy’s De’Lights, and let them choose their own sugar-coated adventure.

Mecca gift voucher

Don’t Despair, Repair! Strengthening Treatment Hair Oil, $48

I’m not sure about you, but my lockdown hair strategy was ‘Ignore For As Long As Possible’. If someone handed me a Mecca voucher, with the insinuation that I should buy some kind of haircare serum or mask, I wouldn’t be mad.

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Image: Kseniya Ovchinnikova / Getty Images