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Couches are so conflicting. They’re the best because of sloth life, but the worst because they cost a pretty penny, get covered in filth (cheers, roomies) and are a nightmare to actually get inside the house. But there is a way that couches can just be… the best.

Eva, known damn well for its luxe mattresses, has just introduced the new Eva Everyday Sofa. It’s been over a year in the works and is designed to suit every home – whether that’s an apartment or a full-blown house.

There are over seven configurations to choose from – so if you’re in a studio now but know you’ll be moving in with your partner once they learn to commit, for example, you can simply add on at a later date to make it more accommodating for you both. E.g. get the two-seater now, and then add on the ottoman for foot-rest needs later.

The couch’s cushions are quilted with layered foam for ultimate melting abilities (without losing support in the process), and, in true Eva fashion, you won’t need any tools to put it together.

Perhaps my favourite part, however, is that it has washable covers. This really should be a given now. Things get dirty. You get dirty. You sit on the couch. The couch gets dirty. Having one of these couches is the only way I would understand people having pets and nice things.

eva everyday sofa

Anyway, you get the gist. You can cop $150 off the Eva Everyday Sofa right now using PEDESTRIAN150 at checkout, which is good until the 30th of June, 2022. The minimum spend is $500, and you can’t stack your codes, of course.

The colours available are grey, oatmeal and green, and you can use ZipPay if dropping a whole chunk of money at once makes you nervy. To be completely honest, weekly payments would be no more than the gym membership you don’t use.

Get around it HERE.

Oh, and just a heads up, you can also score $100 off Eva’s squeak-free bedframe right now.

Image: Eva