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Picture this: you’re making the first round of spicy margs on a Friday arvo to help ring in the weekend, but the ice is running low and you’re all arguing over who has to make the mad dash to the servo for some more. Damn that old fashion ice tray. Cue: Ice machines.

These days, you can get small countertop ice machines that take up minimal space and blend in seamlessly with your other kitchen appliances. Most ice makers are around 2L and can produce enough ice for a round of cocktails in mere minutes, depending on water capacity and ambient temperature capability.

They’re also super easy to use, you simply add water, press start and voilà (Wallah?!), ice will be ready in the next ten minutes. It’s perfect for those occasions where you need more than just a glass of ice — house parties, family BBQs, dinner parties, and even injuries.

Ahead, we’ve rounded up the best countertop ice machines so you never have to make a trip to the servo for ice again.

This countertop ice maker from Jodoao is perfect for your home bar, outdoor BBQ area, kitchen or office. It is equipped with a removable ice basket and ice spoon so you can easily access the ice when ready.

ADVWIN Ice Maker, $255.90

The Advwimn ice maker can create up to 12kgs of ice every 24 hours. It comes with an automatic shut off function when the water is low or the ice is full. To use, you simply add water, press a button and enjoy. 

DEVANTi 3.2L Ice Cube Maker, $259.95

The Devanti Stainless Steel Ice Cube Maker is capable of making 24 cubes every 13 to 18 minutes depending on the water and ambient temperatures. It can also create three different sizes of its crystalline square-shape ice cubes, you just select your size option on the LCD display and press start.

Jodoao CLOUMOCY 2.2L Ice Makers Machine Countertop, $156.90

This Jodoao CLOUMOCY 2.2L Ice Maker can make ice cubes of varying sizes and can make as many as nine ice cubes in six minutes. It’s also got intelligent noise reduction meaning it won’t sound like a jackhammer on your kitchen counter.  

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