10 Signs You’re Actually Very Annoying To Live With

Fact: every house has an annoying housemate. Granted, there might be multiple vexing residents living under the same roof, but there’s always one individual who takes the cake as the absolute worst.

If you can’t think of who that housemate is, there’s a good chance it might be you.


For starters, did you know that there’s something which irritates your housemates even more than paying rent late?

Yep, a new survey by realestate.com.au found that roomies have a painfully low tolerance for their co-inhabitants having loud sex. In fact, noisy hanky panky comes in just after uncleanliness on the ‘biggest pet peeve’ scale. And, like, fair enough IMO.

Anyone who’s had to involuntary listen to their housemate shagging in the next room – all while they are trying to get some sleep – can attest to just how unsettling this situation is.


And it’s not like you can say anything about it – at least, not without sounding like a total perve. That means the only thing left to do is turn on some music, fashion yourself some makeshift earplugs, and lie there plotting the ways to pay back your mate the next day. On the whole, it’s not a great situation for anyone involved.

Starting to ring a few bells yet?

If so, we’ve compiled a few more traits exhibited by the quintessentially annoying housemate so you can determine, once and for all, if you’re that housemate and, more importantly, how you can stop being so damn frustrating to live with.

1. You slam doors and stomp around like a petulant toddler

This one’s non-negotiable, whether you intend to be loud or not, these are cardinal share house sins.


2. You habitually send passive-aggressive texts

If you have something to say, just bring it up in person. There’s nothing worse than ranting about something your roommate did over text – because you’re too wimpy to say it to their face – leaving room for misinterpretation and creating an awkward ‘vibe’ for everyone else in the house.

3. You cook exceptionally late at night

Between the hours of 2am and 6am, most people are catching some precious zzzzzzs, but not the annoying housemate – they’re busy clattering pots and pans as they whip up a gourmet meal.


4. You leave your laundry in the washing machine for DAYS

We’ve all been too busy to hang out our washing, but you really shouldn’t stop everyone else from doing theirs by leaving yours in the damn machine.

5. You sing, a LOT

Fact: nobody appreciates your musical ventures as much as your mum, soz.


6. You let your dirty dishes pile up in

Again, being “too busy” to act like a decent human being is not a thing. The same survey found that being a total grub and failing to stack the dishwasher correctly came in as the number one factor contributing to housemate rage, with 33% of respondents citing this as their top pet peeve.

7. You’ve never taken out the rubbish

Nobody likes emptying the kitchen bin or taking the council bins out front, so it stinks when someone just straight-up refuses to pull their weight in the trash game.

8. You always pay rent the day after it’s due

Enough said.

9. You leave windows and doors without flyscreens open 24/7

Letting cockroaches, mosquitoes and spiders just waltz into your bless’d abode ain’t cool, guys.

10. You’ve never bought toilet paper in your life

The annoying housemate also avoids replacing the empty rolls because of course.

Image: Instagram / [@taylorswift]