If you’re thinking that your next season of life absolutely needs to be doing a full Diane Lane in Under The Tuscan Sun then you’re going to want to check out all the threads that ALDI are bringing to that precious middle aisle in the first weeks of spring.

Kicking off on September 4, the sacred middle aisle will be filled with bohemian-inspired throw cushions, macrame hangings and balls, woven baskets and blankets, and a whole tree log? Someone call Dale Cooper.

Wood stool – $59.99

There’s also a genuinely nice-looking table/bench as well that I would absolutely put in my lounge room with the papasan chairs. Look at this thing.

Woven Oak Bench – $129

I know you had the best intentions of doing that macrame class but hey just fudge it and get one of these instead.

Macrame Wall Hanging – $19.99

ALDI is even getting on the jute trend, with a bunch of nice lookin’ rugs that are easy on the back pocket so it doesn’t matter if your cats go to town on it.

Fringed Jute Mat – $24.99

Blimey, you could do just about every room in the house with this lot, aye. There’s a bunch of warm bedding as well, riddled with greys and creams, and the easily the best colour – mustard. Hell yeah, I love me some mustard.

Queen Quilt Set – $59.99

There’s also a bunch of bathroom stuff going as well, and lord knows it’s probably time to upgrade from those two manky towels you’ve had in rotation since you moved out. Go on, treat yourself.

4-Piece Towel Set – $29.99

The whole range of ~eccentric~ textiles should go real well with all that wicker and cane you probably picked up last spring, and you’ll be able to pick it up from your local ALDI first thing next Wednesday morning.

Guess who’s going to spend her entire weekend putting her entire bedroom on Marketplace? Yeah, love that for me.

Image: Supplied.