Investing in art is usually exactly that – a big ol’ INVESTMENT. You wish your walls looked beautiful and full of eye-catching works, but then you find a piece, check it’s price tag, and freak the hell out.

It’s not that artists don’t deserve the money – art is their form of income and we absolutely should be spending major cash if a work/artist is phenomenal.

But there are plenty of up-and-coming artists who aren’t charging a fortune for their work, whether it’s because they’ll sell you prints of originals (always cheaper), or because their materials are cheaper to source, or they simply are just starting out and haven’t amassed a following or the notoriety to price up.

We’ve rounded up some primo Aussie artists to adorn your walls with – most of these’ll probs hit the big time one day, so maybe you’ll even find your art makes you money in future.


Lone Pea Limited Edition Glicee Print, Edith Rewa, $50

Edith’s a bit of a slashie – she has a successful headscarf design business, as well as running a freelance design and illustration side hustle. Her work is inspired by Australian botany.


Quiet Corner Glicee Print, Andrina Manon, $20

A designer and illustrator based in Sydney, Andrina’s work is inspired by “faraway places, vintage fashion, folk art and wild flowers,” according to her website.


Let Me Know, Cat Dean, $35

A self-taught (!!) artist, Cat Dean loves realism, surrealism and portraiture. Her works are phenomenally realistic, with painstaking attention to detail.


Study Break, Watercolour, Jane Elmgreen, $80

Jane Elmgreen is an illustrator, working mainly with watercolour and inks.


Sand Dunes // Full Moon, Miranda Lorikeet, from $27.99

Miranda Lorikeet uses MS Paint (yes, MS Paint) to create the most amazing art – the Sydney based artist’s works are all amazing vistas and landscapes.


Kimberley’s works are very sexy and equally as beautiful. She captures sexual movement and intimacy phenomenally well – some art is very NSFW, but goddamn is it all mesmerising.


Open Your Mind To The Cosmos, Harley And J, $19.99

Jasmin Meier, aka Harley and J, is a Byron Bay-based graphic designer and artist whose inspiration ranges from 60’s and 70’s music posters to the natural world and human form.


Lovers, Nick Potts, $100

Sydney based artist Nick Potts does graphic art with a sweet 70’s vibe to it. Think psychadelic and a bit intergalactic, for good measure.


Lick, Gemma Flack, $13

Gemma Flack wears a LOT of hats – she’s an artist, a zine maker, a handpoke tattoo artist and a muso. Phew. Her art explores themes of identity, vulnerability, feminism and self-discovery – there’s everything from cute and fun to thought-provoking.


Isamu (II), Kayleigh Heydon, $300

Kayleigh’s a multidisciplinary artist from Melbourne, and her works focus on feminine culture and the visual balance of form and figure.

Image: Instagram / @kayleigh_london