Search It Local/Full-time/$50,000 to $60,000


Posted 8 Sep 2021

Closes 8 Oct 2021

What’s up you unemployed/in-between jobs/sick of your current job and want a change bastards!

You’re reading this because you’re looking for a change, right? Right.

  • Are you someone who believes that the execution is more important than the idea
  • Can transcribe whatever is going on in digital marketing in your sick and twisted head into words
  • 100% believe in Malcolm Gladwell’s hypotheses about 10,000 hours.
  • Passionately despise comments such as “let’s make sure we are on the same page about pineapple on pizza, cilantro or smashed avo” 
  • Believe that if “If you’re going to be crazy, you have to get paid for it or else you’re going to be locked up.”
  • “Have no taste for either poverty or honest labor, so digital marketing is the only recourse left”


Then keep reading!!!!

So pull over your car ,vespa, bike or feet, swerve dangerously through traffic and hit that submit button faster than BLAH BALB COME BACK TO IT

About Search It Local

Search It Local is a digital marketing agency with Australia’s largest client base. We help businesses grow. “Fiduciary , leverage portfolio” yada yada yada you know the rest. 

About the role

Do you like creating ads that trigger people more than Donald trump , gender pronouns , abortion laws (are they strict enough? Just kidding) , vaccines , ufo’s , bad internet speeds , not selling burgers in Italian restaurants , Optus customers support.  

Then you came to the right place. 

Still with us? Good. Offended or triggered?  If so please go to the next ad. 


What will the average day look like? 


    • Produce eye-catching Google & Facebook ads that will have people say “shut up and take my f*cking money”
    • Stay on top of successful Up in Ya Grill marketing tactics and willing to test them with us.
    • Be the first point of contact for your clients, we want you to be better than their best mate.
    • Reach your client’s goals and dominate their competitors with superior SEO and PPC strategies.
    • Know your way around analytics to uncover opportunities and make the most of the clients’ ad spend.
    • Put together monthly reports and give the best advice and recommendations. You should be able to tell someone if their website’s a piece of trash or if it’s amazing & converting more.
    • Teach boomers how to Zoom and use other tools online they might not have interacted with. 
    • Go above and beyond and give clients the best possible experience, that means listening and empathising EVEN with.
    • Break down SEO and PPC concepts so they’re easy for anyone to understand. Even a Labrador. 
    • Keep accurate records and stay on top of contact updates and renewals (the boring stuff)
    • Generate client growth and up-sell opportunities 
    • Conduct outreach to the weirdest corners of Google (don’t act like you haven’t been there) to find the best backlink opportunities for your clients
    • Be a good delegator and get sh*t done.



Don’t worry, you’ll have the team to have your back in helping you out and guiding you through the process as you learn.



Benefits and Perks

  • CBD Office (even if most people work from home)
  • One fully paid personal day a month. (Only rule is that you do what ever you want) We call it #youday or #meday it’s a working tittle any ideas for a better name? 
  • Monthly wine, whiskey and beer tasting (work hard, play harder)
  • Playstation which means you might loose Fifa games if you are used to Xbox. (Not an excuse. Just a fact) 
  • Young and energetic team 
  • Team outings that include (but not limited to): go-karting, blowing up portable toilets (yes we mean it), sea plane , Christmas party in Byron Bay and many more

Skills and Experience

We have all the support and training systems in place to make sure you reach your goals, but ultimately your success depends on your effort, dedication and attitude. 


You decide how much you want to accomplish. Attitude is more important than experience.  


TL;DR: This might be the most random gig in the world. 


Think you have what it takes to join the unofficial best company to work for in Australia? Send over your CV, the old you would do it. 


P.S We have placed a few random things in this ad please find them and we will give you a price.