Assembly Label/Full-time


Posted 8 Nov 2019

Closes 8 Dec 2019

The main purpose of the Assistant Product Developer role will be to support the product development process across all Assembly Label products.

Working collaboratively with the product developers, you will support the execution of the seasonal product ranges in line with the seasonal deadlines .

This role is responsible for building and maintaining the development dashboard ensuring complete data integrity at all times

Responsible for the creation and updating of seasonal range pages per monthly drop in line with seasonal deadlines

 Responsible for the illustration of key looks and outfitting prior to range review

Responsible for creation of range pages per supplier and sending these to the supplier before SMS ordering deadline

Responsible for sending SMS orders to suppliers  and the effective tracking of these orders and communication of ETD’ s to all relevant stakeholders , raising any issues and problem solving with the team.

Responsible for making colour standards and sending to all suppliers for colour development .

Responsible for scaling print artwork and sending to all suppliers for development .

Responsible for monitoring fit & colour & print approvals prior to deadlines for SMS & bulk production ,producing a weekly report highlighting outstanding approvals to the development team and suppliers .

Responsible for the maintenance of and presentation of the development range racks, ensuring full ranges are on display and old ranges archived.

Responsible for booking fitting sessions with the fit model agencies .

Responsible for the co-ordination of and the presentation set up of salesman samples for the seasonal range review and sign off.

Responsible for creating any sell in content required

Responsible for review of care labels required per style prior to PO placement , advising suppliers and updating Care label manual as required

Collaborating with the Production Coordinator on all style file handover prior to PO placement, collaboratively running a data integrity check vs. purchase orders and all data in business central, &escalating any issues.

Responsible to engage and drive self-development alongside the Head of Product.