Only Friends/Part-time


Posted 23 May 2020

Closes 22 Jun 2020

Looking for a Side Hustle?

We’re looking for people to help us grow our business and online influences.

So rather than give our money to corporates we thought we’d ask a few Aussie’s to help us.

Let’s not sugar coat it – this current pandemic is sh*t. But for some Aussies who have been facing social anxiety for years, the COVID-19 pandemic has amplified it.

Launching in June, Only Friends is revolutionising the way millennials engage by helping our members find real people and create connections in the real world.

Making a positive difference is what drives us — doing good for people, the planet and the things that matter.

People is at the core of everything we do and now more than ever we want to help people succeed. 

We are looking for people to help us spread the word!

So, what’s the hustle?  

For us, advertising costs $$$ and we’d rather give it to Aussies than Facebook 

We’re looking for people to help promote Only Friends through digital and real life sales methods. 

Spread the Only Friends love through your social media and will pay you $10 for every person you refer and that signs up to 

No catch, not a scam it’s just better than wasting it on advertising.

We’re committed to the personal and professional development of our team and provide you with coaching, training and support to help you succeed. We bring the opportunity we ask you to bring your hustle.