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  • Inbound Marketing - Account Manager - High Growth Role

    Listed by Inbound Guru

    • Applications Close April 09
    • Location Sydney
    • Work Type Full-time
    • Date Published March 20
  • APPLICATIONS CLOSE April 09, 2017


Are you someone who lives and breathes digital? Are you a total go-getter who is looking to not only build an awesome career, but an extraordinary lifestyle? Are you wondering if this sounds like total bullsh*t?

Fear not, my friend. It looks like a career in Inbound Marketing might be right for you.

Reporting directly to and working closely alongside our Founder & Director John (hey... that's me!), you'll become the latest member of our small (but fast-growing!) Inbound Marketing Agency located close to the heart of Sydney.

As our first official 'Account Manager' (we'll come up with a better name for you...), you'll be responsible for delivering all our agency work to our clients and managing all the campaigns we run for our clients. That includes organising client approval of marketing materials, managing any requested adjustments by the client directly with members of our team, launching all campaigns across various social media platforms & paid advertising channels, and collating data for us to use in our reports to generally make better marketing decisions for our clients! Sometimes, you might even get your hands dirty on a landing page or content piece or two.

As you get more familiar with our clients and how Inbound Marketing works, we'll start to get you involved in the decision-making process (eg: strategy work) down the track until we give you (almost!) complete control to work on our client accounts from start to finish.

In addition and to make life easy, we do all of this using a platform called HubSpot ( If you haven't used it before, don't fret - it's easy to use and I'll train you.

So who are we looking for?

This opening isn't for everyone. If you're looking to settle into a strict role and work your regular 9 to 5, look away. If you're looking to follow rigid structures and strict protocol, find something else. However - if you're looking to enter our topsy-turvy loopy-doopy industry with the heart and drive to kick total ass for our clients (and get rewarded along the way!), you're in the right place. Sometimes, you'll have to work super super hard to get the outcome we require. Other times, you'll get to chill out while your automated campaigns just work their magic. This is not for the faint of heart.

Here's what we're looking for in a person:

  • Total go-getter
  • Self-motivated
  • Committed to kicking ass on a day-to-day basis
  • Has pretty-decent time management skills (eg: Slightly better than Sydney Buses)
  • Well spoken and great with people
  • Clean-cut decision maker who sticks to their guns

While I'm not looking for someone who has ridiculous technical skills, if you're familiar any of the below it'll certaintly be a bonus:

  • Experience with HubSpot marketing & sales software
  • Understanding of HTML & CSS
  • WordPress website platform
  • Copywriting and general content marketing (eg: blogging)
  • General social media marketing savvy (namely Facebook, Insta, LinkedIn, YouTube)
  • Experience with promotional/paid advertising through Facebook, LinkedIn, and AdWords
  • Ability to prepare reports using data such as conversion rates and stuff (and make them look pretty)

To apply, please don't send me a resume (yet!). Just drop me an email on and let me know you'd like to apply for this role. We'll then arrange a brief phone call to organise a coffee meeting, and we'll take it from there.

And for those thinking TL;DR - I'm just looking for someone with a kick-ass attitude and strong goals to become the glue between various members of our team doing stuff, and our clients approving the stuff!

  • COMPANY NAME - Inbound Guru

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