Ryan Magic PTY LTD/Internship / Work Experience/Unpaid

Melbourne - CBD & Inner Suburbs

Posted 30 Jun 2020

Closes 30 Jul 2020

Hungry, humble and smart…

This describes the person we are looking to groom through an intensive, feedback driven internship.

We’re looking for the next D-Rock to our Gary Vee…

You will have the responsible for creating videos that educate, inspire and entertain a large online audience and deliver impactful messages that would be worth watching and sharing.

You’ll be creating engaging videos that will be posted on social platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

You’ll be working alongside the CEO who has worked with over 10 videographers, several of them fulltime over the last 7 years, who will be giving direct and clear feedback on how to better plan, shoot and produce short films for the business.

It’s important to note that this is for up and coming videographers who feel they need that little bit more experience to step into their power in the working environment. Not for veteran videographers who can’t find work, go out there and get yourself some paid work (we believe in you).

We have a small, young and dynamic team of full-timers currently in the business; a PA, marketer, video editor, client relationship manager and of course the CEO, Ryan, you would be joining this team and if you do fantastic work during your internship will be first inline for the full time videography role we are looking to hire.

We’re after someone that will be able to back themselves to shoot engaging video content including:

– Vlogs (Think Daily vee)
– Mini series
– Create micro videos from the pillar videos
– Create/capture stills/photographs
– Have the ability to edit, add voice overs, subtitles and background music when required.
– Have confidence and ability to adapt to different filming environments.
– A good eye for composition and high attention to detail.
– Research the competitions videos to strive to provide a more polished final product.

About us

Ryan Magic is an entrepreneur and personal development junkie who lives to speak and teach to audiences around the world about stepping into their power and living with fulfilment.

Skills and experience

– Familiarity in Adobe Creative Cloud (Premiere Pro, After Effects and Photoshop)
– All camera equipment is provided, all you need is a laptop
– Add creative quality in effects, overlays, edits and content

The type of person that we’re looking for:

– You’re interested in Personal Development and Entrepreneurship
– You can thrive in unknown environments
– You have a growth mindset

Examples of what quality we are looking to groom you to: