The Solid State/Full-time/$70,000 to $80,000

Sydney - CBD/Metro/Inner East & West

Posted 14 Jul 2020

Closes 13 Aug 2020

The Solid State is an award winning marketing agency and production company for film and television. We work with distributors, SVOD, filmmakers and production companies. We exist to help filmmakers create more competitive, impactful and successful films.


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As a Trailer editor in The Solid State’s creative team, you will be responsible for a wide range of editorial duties on multiple projects ranging from Trailers, Teasers, TVCs, Social Assets and entire theatrical campaigns. The Solid State is a creative, busy, highly productive environment. You will be expected to be a full audio-visual editor, offering creative solutions visually, as well as in the music and sound design of the edit. To that end, we are looking for an applicant with rich experience in music and sound design, in addition to TV and film experience. Copywriting skills are a bonus.


We are a Adobe Premiere Pro studio so you will be expected to be highly fluent in APP. You are responsible for your media, and ideally will have a problem-solving attitude about creating workflows with different types of material and projects.


Responsibilities may include but are not limited to:
– Editing all projects from start to finish, including online, film prep and audio preparation
– Sourcing music appropriate for each project
– Designing sound-beds that creatively combine music, sound effects, and other sound design elements.
– Selecting shots from each film that best convey its scale, story, and other unique qualities
– Output all work to audio and visual broadcast technical requirement
– Media managing your projects
– Managing a work load with multiple projects and deadlines



– 2+ years experience in short form commercial, broadcast and/or movie trailer editorial

– Experience with sales promos, sizzle reels and 2-3 minute editorials

– Complete proficiency in APP and its surrounding software

– Be adept at music composing/arranging, editing and mixing

– Desire to work and innovate independently

– Strong command of pacing and story telling

– Comfort and willingness to do a range of editorial requirements, in the absence of junior editors



Please send links to 3 film trailers that best showcase your talent.


Only applicants with film trailer experience will be contacted.