TVCV Pty Ltd/Full-time/$80,000 to $100,000


Posted 21 May 2019

Closes 20 Jun 2019


TVCV Enterprises Pty Ltd (‘TVCV’) is an entertainment project management company conducting short and long terms projects within the Australian television, video and film industry.

TVCV is currently seeking experienced Video Producers for existing and upcoming projects in various genres. Details of the qualifications and/or experience required for this position are set out below.

We currently have a variety of 3-6 months projects lined up commencing early 2019 through to and including into 2020 in various genres.


The chosen candidate will be responsible for the creation and artistic delivery of mainly television programmes and ongoing series’. Creation of the required productions will include filing and direction for same, overall editing of the filmed product and directing and regulating the lighting and sounds aspects of the production.


• Determining theme and setting of productions;
• Assisting Senior Story, Series, and other Executive Producers in all stages of the filming process throughout the series;
• Preparation of production including, selection of locations and ongoing organisation of production;
• Supervising compilation of scenes as per designs at the onset and throughout production including, various locations and scene settings;
• Managing and being aware of location and participation agreements and other relevant paperwork for all shoots;
• Creative direction on lighting, film, shutter angles, filter factors, camera distance, depth of field and focus, angles of view amongst other consideration to ensure the of the desired outcome of the writing is achieved and the production is viewer friendly;
• Writing scripts where required or reviewing scripts to understand the creative direction of the production and determining the most appropriate locations and angles for filming along with the production team;
• Reviewing and selecting scenes from filmed material to ensure the quality and desired direction is achieved;
• Maintaining strong relationship with each contributor throughout the filming process and demonstrate an ethical approach to producing contributors in both interviews and actuality scenes;
• Making rational decisions based on logical evaluations of the relevant factors, referring to a more other team and production members where required for consultation;
• Working efficiently within fixed deadlines and ensuring all aspects of the role is completed within the designated time frames, unless otherwise approved by more Senior or Series Producer.
• Ensuring the safety and wellbeing of each contributor ahead of a storylines maintained and maintaining vigilance to the required your duty of care at all times; and
• Encouraging a friendly, driven and safe working environment and ensure a strong relationship is maintained between the story team and all contributors and crew.


The desired candidate will have;

• Strong interpersonal and communication abilities;
• An ability to work to schedule to achieve required results;
• An ability to maintain excellent relationships with all other personnel;
• Minimum 5 years credits across various genre’s;
• High levels of creative talent;
• An understanding of what the role requires in terms of personal investment into creating a production from a vision creating that will attract the required attention; and
A motivation to be creative and strive for artistic success is also desired given the requirements of the role
• A Minimum 5 years credits across various genre’s although we will consider a lesser length of experience (minimum two years (post qualification) if a formal qualification has been attained at a minimum of bachelor level.


The salary will be commensurate to experience of the particular candidate and the particular projects.

Only applicants meeting the above criteria will be considered and only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. Please send your resume and availability to [email protected]

TVCV will accept application and expressions of interest for the role for four weeks.