Livewire Australia/Internship / Work Experience

NSW - Newcastle & Hunter

Posted 16 Apr 2019

Closes 16 May 2019

Livewire Australia is a music publication that focuses on coverage of independent Australian music artists and live music events. We are run by passionate local creatives with a long history in the music scene. You can check out or @livewireau on Instagram to see what we’ve been up to. 

What you will gain: You will have the opportunity to work directly with experienced editors to develop the quality of your journalistic writing. Some of the most successful publicists for the biggest artists in the world started out as interns like you. Here at Livewire AU you’ll learn about working with press releases, liaising with band management and PR, writing engaging reviews, interviews, social media and any other ins and outs of the music industry.

Although this is an unpaid internship our contributors have been able to attend hundreds of concerts for free and even bring a friend. There is the potential to interview huge international artists and have your work shared on their social media and official press releases. Timing is flexible and you can choose what gigs or festivals you want to attend. 

To apply: Send your resume/CV along with a key example of your work or other short portfolio to [email protected]