Young Henrys/Full-time


Posted 21 Feb 2019

Closes 23 Mar 2019

Young Henrys are looking for an excellent human to join our marketing team as a project manager and lead all major marketing projects including all new product releases, sponsorships and brand partnerships. The successful applicant will have a hand in evolving the Young Henrys brand in the Australian marketplace through the quality execution of product releases, strategic partnerships and marketing projects.

You will work closely with the creative and communication managers in our marketing team to deliver all projects and partnerships, ensuring our brand is represented well in the marketplace and across all activities.

The successful applicant must be organised, bright and have a creative/strategic mindset. You must be comfortable leading project planning sessions, be ready to coordinate staff and internal resources, manage project progress and ensure project deadlines. You must also be a good communicator able to manage and maintain important relationships with internal and external stakeholders at a high level.

You need to have good taste in beer and music as well as 5 years relevant professional experience in marketing and project management.


Key Roles &  Responsibilities

  • Leading project planning sessions
  • Coordinating staff and internal resources
  • Managing project progress and adapting work as required
  • Ensuring projects meet deadlines
  • Managing relationships with stakeholders
  • Drafting, refining and signing off on partnership contracts
  • Overseeing all incoming and outgoing project documentation
  • Conducting project & partnership reviews
  • Optimising and improving processes and the overall approach where necessary
  • Securing growth opportunities and initiating new project