Applications for this job can't be accepted as the job has closed.
Excel Group/Full-time/$40,000 to $60,000


Posted 17 Apr 2018

Closes 17 May 2018

Excel Group is a market leader in the provision of repair and remediation services for the Insurance industry. Our existence provides the insurance industry with a solution for cost-savings during the scenario of a property and contents claim. We have established a strong reputation in the NSW market and have been around for 24 years. In addition to national media coverage in the SMH / Fairfax Media, we have also been recognised as a Smart50 Company alongside some of Australia’s most innovative and professional businesses.



About the role

As our Admin Manager, your role will entail the day to day interaction with the Directors, General Manager, Operations and Admin Team at various levels. During the initial week long induction, you will develop a core understanding of the purpose of each function in the business, each team members role and responsibilities and your interaction level. You will be trained on the internal core systems within the company (Cloud-Based CRM / Project Mgnt / Accounting Systems); as well as interacting with our clients and their teams which account for some of the largest household Insurance companies in Australia. 



Benefits and perks

Work From Home Day

You will have the opportunity to take up one working from home day per week following the successful induction into the business.

Day to Day Autonomy

With the four days in the office, you will be in an autonomous environment to self-manage your time and priorities effectively to achieve the pre-defined outcomes of the position. 

Established Training & Induction Program

Our ‘Smart50 Training’ program and continual mentoring with the company’s executives will ensure you are well equipped with all the tools, knowledge and confidence to evolve into the best version of yourself.  

Upward Mobility

By joining our dynamic team of business professionals, you will be in prime position to enjoy a significant platform for future personal and professional growth with numerous opportunities coming to fruition over the next 12-24 months. 



Skills and experience

Existing Skillsets

This category of skills and experience are a must to become part of our organisation. During our recruitment process will screen on the basis of such skills:

  • Clear and Articulate Communication: This skill-set incorporates the ability for you to clearly articulate and communicate your point in the simplest way possible so that all parties understand your perspective. This will be critical to the success in your role. 
  • Impeccable Time and Priority Management: Incorporates your ability to establish what is a core priority and ensure core action is executed to complete the high priority in a reasonable amount of time.
  • A Balance Between Team Player and Self-Starter: We want to know whether you can work well in a team with a strong culture, but also independently execute on your tasks with clarity and focus.

Development Skillsets

This category of skills will be developed. During our recruitment process, we will determine whether you have the intention and / or drive to enhance your capabilities. Such skills include CRM and project management systems use; KPI and business metric reporting; client reporting; social media and content creation; industry event organisation + much more. 

Applications for this job can't be accepted as the job has closed.