PEDESTRIAN.TV has partnered with Amazon to deliver joy to your world this Christmas.

Much like the rest of 2020, there’s one group of people that will be keeping us well fed, dressed, and in the good graces of our family this Christmas: delivery drivers. Because while the rest of us have been cooped up inside our homes for weeks or months, delivery drivers have been on the roads delivering the goods.

Who was there for you when you made the decision to fully embrace DIY tie-dye? Delivery drivers. Or when you decided to change up your hair colour at a moment’s notice? Yep, delivery drivers. And when you just wanted to send mum some flowers because you couldn’t see her on her birthday? Still delivery drivers. With Christmas approaching, we know you’ll be leaning on these real-life Santas heavily to make sure everyone in your family is well looked after.

In fact, according to independent research recently commissioned by Amazon Australia, not only have 49% of Australians increased their online shopping this year, but it’s us young guns who are doing pretty much all of our shopping online these days.

And this month, delivery drivers will be busier than ever as they play Santa and delivery Christmas presents around the country. Basically, this is our way of saying the people who bring the goods to your door every day deserve a little something back this holiday season. Here are four little wholesome ways that we’ll be showing delivery drivers some extra love this year, and we hope you do, too.

Leave out an esky of ice cold drinks

Driving around all day delivering presents is thirsty work (just ask Santa). Next time you know you’ve got a package (or three) coming that day, chuck a bag of ice and a few cans of drink (Pasito is a fave, but the choice is yours) at the front door with a little sign to let the driver know they can take one as a token of your thanks.

Completely Christmas-ify your front door

Never underestimate the power of putting a tiny smile on someone else’s face. This year, we want you to embrace decorating your front door, making it look so extra that even Santa might look at it and say “reign it in, hun.” Adding a tinselled sign saying thank you would also be a lovely way to spread the Christmas cheer and give an extra little nod to the IRL Santas delivering your presents.

Individually-wrapped snacks are always welcome

We’d love to recommend you leave out a batch of fresh cookies to say thanks to your delivery drivers but between being cautious about COVID and the relentless nature of Australian flies, they’re probably not the ideal way to say thanks. But picking up some individually-wrapped snack bars, balls, or treats to hand out as a thank you? Now we’re talking.

It’s simple: always say thank you

More often than not when I open the door to my Amazon delivery driver, they’re already halfway up the road and waving goodbye as they head off to their next stop. Even in these instances, you should say thank you. I don’t care how awkward it feels, yelling a heartfelt thank you to their back is better than nothing.

Image: Warner Bros.