Tiffany & Co Have Dropped Some Ridiculous Homewares For Rich People

You know what’s really fun to spend money on? OVERPRICED HOMEWARES. Drop money on a leather jacket – lose it at a house party. Spend big on jewellery – manage to lose an earring in the ocean.

But homewares – they don’t leave your house! They’re practically impossible to lose or destroy, as long as you don’t invite any unsavoury characters over and keep them at a level high enough to avoid a dreaded red wine spillage.

Tiffany & Co has long nailed the ‘items you would find in a Park Avenue penthouse’ vibe when it comes to their ridiculous gifts. While they’re the brand pretty much synonymous with engagement rings – FANCY, EXPENSIVE ones – they actually branch out far wider than simply jewellery.

Their latest drop of home gifts is particularly OTT, though. Like – in no world do I need a set of leather table tennis paddles.

You know what else I don’t need? This silver pill box for my anxiety medication. Well actually I sort of do considering I lose it in my handbag daily.

They’ve also got a… silver ball of yarn…

A…. silver can.


Twirly straws, which YES and CAN WE MAKE THESE A THING AGAIN.

And my personal favourite, and the perfect gift for your little bro/sis who is doing their HSC next year if you want to make them HATE YOU.

As outrageous as they are, there something so bougie-fabulous about owning the designer version of something that normally costs $2. Which is clearly their aim with this range. Hey, if you’ve got the $$ (and donate to charity and generally help people out, ok) why not?

The new line drops on November 1, so hit up their site if you’re keen.