If you – like all of us here at PEDESTRIAN.TV – are devastated at the news that the latest, credible thylacine spotting was likely just a group of Tasmanian pademelons, we have just the trinket for you.

In case you missed it, people all over the country got caught up in a bit of cryptozoological fervor when the latest batch of supposed thylacine photos were sent to be examined by a legit wildlife biologist.

While we never got to see the pics ourselves, Nick Mooney from the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery eventually released his assessment that there were in fact no thylacines in the photograph(s). Our hearts were broken.

Enter Tassie-based petwear brand Thyla Scene, which specialises in little doggie coats which transform your pet into an elusive Tasmanian tiger.

The coats are $25 each online, and you can also cop them at Hobart’s Salamanca Market.

At a time when our one glimmer of good, wholesome news was so suddenly yanked from our clutches, this is the most uplifting pet accessory since the chicken leash.

These cute little inventions combine the two best things: thylacines and dogs.

They also come in a bunch of different colours to match the coat of your very good dog.

For something a little extra, you can also cop high-vis fluro coats. It may not be biologically accurate but hey, it’s still an extremely Aussie look.

The last known living thylacine died in captivity in Hobart Zoo in 1936, but thanks to this quirky little pet invention, you can mentally escape the chaos of the 2020s and relive the roaring 1920s instead – thylacines and all.

Thyla Scene goes RAWR xD.

Image: Instagram / @thylascenepetwear