Live Out Your Sustainable Dreams With These 12 Ethical Pressies To Get Ya Mates

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The headline says it all, pals! If you’re keen to shop ethically this festive season, here are a hot couple of sustainable Christmas gift ideas and online marketplaces that’ll hopefully spark some inspiration for you. From adopting a wee koala to getting ya mates some designer fashion on the cheap, we’ve got you covered.

Flavedo and Albedo

This ethical lil’ makeup brand is the perfect middle ground when it comes to buying top quality beauty products and alleviating your plastic landfill anxiety. How? Their quality formulations are packaged in aluminium, glass and sustainable timber, with zero plastic. No tubs, no lids, no seals, no nothing. That’s a winner in our books.

Sustainable Christmas Gift Ideas

Dewy Tint, $44

While we’re sure your mates would love anything from Flavedo and Albedo’s elite beauty collection, one of our top picks is this dewy, but non-sticky cream blush. It’s made with plant extracts to deliver a hit of colour to your cheeks (to clarify: the ones on your face), but it also doubles as a great tinted lip balm.

Flora & Fauna

Everything at Flora & Fauna is ethically sourced, vegan, cruelty-free and low impact. You can find over 9,000 products online from 300 brands around the world. We’re talking toys, fashion, jewellery, and artisan chocolate. The online marketplace is packed with Australian made goods too.

Sustainable Christmas Gift Ideas

Pana Organic Coconut Rough, $11.90

We just had a squiz and spotted this fancy coconut rough choccie block. All plant-based, too? What a treat.

Sustainable Christmas Gift Ideas

RAWW Roll With It Skincare Kit, $39.99

Packed with superfoods, this hydrating serum and dermal roller kit is the perfect combo for reducing those pesky fine lines and pigmentation.


Our faves over at Levi’s have been workin’ on a killer sustainable ‘Water>Less’ innovations range that has helped to save 4.2 billion litres of water, and recycle over 9.6 billion across their denim finishing process.

Levi’s Ribcage Shorts, $99.95

So, if your gift recipient’s in the market for a new pair of summer shorts, then these Water>Less bad boys will service them through days at the beach and nights at the pub with a good ol’ pint. You can even nab them in a bunch of different denim shades if this light-wash look isn’t their style.


Biome is bursting at the seams with a bunch of authentic and sustainable brands, which means you can shop all sorts of good stuff, including gifts, slow fashion, accessories, clean beauty, supplements and more.

Sustainable Christmas Gift Ideas

Wrappa Reuseable Food Wraps, $37

We aren’t going to gatekeep the best reusable vegan food wraps in the biz, so this pack of three from Biome is our current fave. Honestly, though, if you’re still using cling wrap in 2021, we just wanna chat.

Podstar Reuseable Coffee Pod Gift Set, $95

A friend sent a link of this to us the other day, and can we just say: it’s a game-changer if your gift recipient has a coffee machine. Gone are the days of buying those expensive single-use pods because this set comes with the whole kit and caboodle, including your own coffee, capsule, tamper and scoop.

Microherbs Window Sill Grow Kit, $49.95

Sick of having to buy a bunch of herbs from ya local Woolies, only to use like four sprigs from the entire bunch (with the rest going to non-eaten vege heaven?) Yeah, us too. That’s why this Microherbs kit – fitted with basil, parsley and chives – is the way to go if your secret Santa wants to always have fresh herbs on their hands. Just quietly, gift this one to ya housemate, so you can use it, too.

This Australian hand-made vegan soap bar

Etsy’s always got some banging small businesses that are underrated AF. So, don’t mind us while we spotlight this awesome brand called ‘Smile Boutique’ who create zero waste, biodegradable body and hand soaps.

Sustainable Christmas Gift Ideas

Natural Handmade Vegan Soap Bar, $12.20

Can we just say they make you smell like a walking cupcake?!

A pair of ModiBodi period undies

Founded in 2011, ModiBodi’s founder Kristy birthed the business after realising women needed more sustainable and affordable options when it comes to managing periods and leaks.

They also have a great initiative called ‘Give A Pair‘, where every dollar you donate goes towards putting a pack of five pairs of reusable underwear into the hands of people in need worldwide.

Sustainable Christmas Gift Ideas

Recycled Seamfree Bikini for Moderate-Heavy Flow, $31

Screw period stigma and give ya besties these ModiBodi period knickers for Christmas. These ones come in a bunch of colours and stop you from having to buy pads n’ tampons for days. They’re also seam-free, so no one will know you’re bleeding but you.

A Glam Corner e-Gift Card

Glam Corner is where you can hire designer clothing for a fraction of the retail price. Andit delivers Australia-wide.

You can either try out a one-time rental, or you can sign up for a membership. A membership means you get a monthly box of designer clothing, with three items per box.

Once you’re ready to receive your next box of three goodies, you need to return the three you currently have. You can do that by using a prepaid return satchel that comes in the box. Once your return has been confirmed, you can kick off the process of your next box.

Renting clothes is a fab way to reduce your textile footprint while spending less. It’s a win-win!

If you have the perfect person in mind for the Glam Corner, you can purchase a one-time rental or membership gift card right here.

Sustainable Christmas Gift Ideas

KITX Suspended Dress in Moss Green, $139

This lil’ number is vital for any summer parties you’ve got on your packed silly season radar.

Adopt A Koala

The Port Macquarie Koala Hospital treats sick and injured koalas, nursing them back to health with the goal of releasing the wee bubs back into the wild.

According to the hospital, vehicle accidents and dog attacks are the most common causes of injuries to koalas, apart from Chlamydia.

Adoptions help with the rescue and treatment of koalas and the conservation and expansion of habitat and research.

If you have the means to, you can either adopt or e-adopt a koala or donate.

The cost of adoption within Australia is $60 per year, or $70 if you live overseas. You’ll receive a printed adopted certificate, a story about your adopted koala, a booklet about koalas, and a cute bookmark.

If you opt for an e-adoption, the hospital will send you the certificate via email. The certificate has a photo of the adopted koala, its name, your name, and the date of adoption.

The Port Macquarie Koala Hospital is also a great place to follow on Instagram. You can find extremely wholesome content, like koalas being released into the wild.

Look at this cherub!

I could watch these videos all day. In fact, I have.

Worm Farms

Bunnings Maze Worm Farm, $149.

If you and your loved ones are keen to get a worm farm going, then Bunnings is your best friend. The hardware chain has a slew of starter kits that you can chuck your food scraps in.

This one, in particular, is made from mostly recycled materials in Australia. It’s not super bulky either, so you can find a nice place for it around the home.

The farm even comes with its very own worms, but don’t worry, the little ones only spend a few days in transit. The worms, up to 1000 (!!!) of them, are sourced from the local worm farm. That’s a lot of worms, tell ya what.

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