Share housing – what a TIME, hey?

Living with your mates, or a bunch of randos, for a few years is a bit of an emotional rollercoaster. From the lit house parties and cute house dinners to the emotional break-ups and passive-aggressive post-it notes. There’s no doubting, it’s been real.

But, as with every chapter in our lives, there comes a time when we take a step back and say to ourselves, ‘yeah, okay, we’re done with that now’.

And if you suspect you might be getting to the end of your share house time, there’s a good chance that you probably are.

If, however, you’re on the fence about the decision, or really just need a friendly kick up the bum, here are six signs it’s time for you to move on from share housing and into your own place:

1. The novelty of living with your housemates has officially worn off

Maybe it’s your housemates leaving dirty dishes in the sink for days on end that makes you feel fed up. Or perhaps it’s the fact that they’re just there all the time? Either way, these are key signs you might be mentally ready to move on from the share house life stage.

2. You crave your own space

Sharing a bathroom and kitchen is never totally glorious, however, there comes a point where you really just want your own.  If you’re like me and identify as a bit of an introvert, lots of personal space is a big part of having a happy home life.

3. You’re ready to make a home for yourself

There’s only so much you can do to make your place feel like home if you’re never allowed to paint the walls or hang pictures up with a proper fixing. Granted, sticky wall hooks are a godsend, and wall decals are definitely a thing that exists… but wouldn’t it be nice to just grab a tin of paint and get to work? Totally.

4. You and your partner are ready to get your own place

If things are tracking well with you and your bae, then moving out together and getting your own place is an option worth considering. There are only so many times you can shrug off those ‘ugh, are they staying over again?’ looks from your housemates. Granted, this isn’t the only reason to start playing house together, but if you’re already spending most of your nights in the same room, this is a sign you might be ready to explore the next step in your relationship.

5. You’re over being so damn considerate all the time

Sometimes you just wanna walk around the house butt naked. Other times, you might feel like having loud sex without playing suspiciously loud music over the top. Or maybe, you might just want to leave your crap on the couch without needing to move it for your housemates to use. These things might be kind of selfish, but that’s a-okay – it’s totally a perk of having your own place.

6. You can afford to get your own place

Last, but definitely not least, is the critical fact that in order to leave share house living in your past, you have to be able to afford your own place. You might be there mentally, but if you’re not also prepared financially, you might want to consider making a few changes to your budget to get you there.

Image: NBC / Lifetime