Just Some Extremely Rude Mugs To Scare Your Work Colleagues With

What’s better than a nice bickie and a cuppa at 3pm on a Wednesday? Having said cuppa in an extremely hilarious and/or adorable mug, that’s what.

We’re all partial to a nice tea or coff in the arvo, so why not bin that hideous reject store white cup you’ve got, and invest in one of these often extremely rude, always extremely great mugs. They’re primo for starting up cute flirty convos with that guy/girl you’re crushing on over in Accounts, anyway.

Cynthia Frenette, $15.99
Quotable, $15.99
Sorella Designs, $16.50
Ex Girlfriends Mugs, $27.14
Steven Rhodes, $15.99
Sophie Corrigan, $32.72
Cussing Cups, $15.99
Sophie Corrigan, $15.99
Urban Outfitters, $10
Julia Heffernan, $15.99
The Mug Hermit, $12.75
Typo, $12.99
WE Design Studios, $15.99
Cynthia Frenette, $15.99
Sarah Brust, $15.99
The Vulva Gallery, $15.99
My Favourite Murder, $20
Petri Apparel, $20.33
More Than Porcelain, $31.96