Is there anything more frustrating than house cleaning? Especially when you’re reluctantly house cleaning and something goes wrong, like you spill the entire bottle of floor cleaner because you stupidly put it lid-off right next to the door, and then your sister walked in and smacked it over? Well, this Roomba knows how you feel.

YouTuber Michael Reeves has reworked a Roomba, one of those cleaning devices that automatically senses dirt and goes after it, like a horrific pet that can’t stop cleaning, and has made it scream in frustration when it hits walls and objects.

On his YouTube channel, he deep dives his work – showing he’s attached a bluetooth speaker, touch sensor and small computer to the device so it swears and screams in rage instead of just… beeping or whatever those things do normally.

I need this like I need air to breathe, to be honest.