These ECOVACS Robot Vacuum Cleaners Suck Harder Than The Twilight Movies And That’s A Bloody Good Thing

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Thanks to late-stage capitalism, the time I would normally spend cleaning is spent eating, sleeping, showering and working. But my hopes of having clean floors is not lost. ECOVACS is having a massive sale during Amazon Prime’s Big Deal Days, and boy am I a sucker for a robot vacuum that’ll help me clean up the mess that is my life.

Not only are there massive discounts on the ECOVACS’ flagship vacuum, the N8 (we’re talking a whopping 60 per cent off), but the Winbot robot window cleaner is also on sale if your glass needs de-grubbing. If you already have an ECOVACS robot vacuum, you can also save up to 37 per cent off accessories and extra attachments if you’ve run out of vacuum bags or need a new mop cleaning pad.

To become a Prime member and snag these savings, you can sign up here and get a free 30-day trial if you’re a new member. After that, or if you’ve signed up before, it’s $9.99 per month.

I, for one, welcome our new robot overlords — especially if they’re slinging a big bargain. Here’s what you can get on sale now.

The best robot vacuum cleaner deals from ECOVACS’ Amazon sale

Up to 60% off ECOVACS DEEBOT N8/N8+

G’day, I’m your friendly robovac expert today. Now, if you’re new to the world of robot vacuums and you wanna keep it simple, then the DEEBOT N8 is the perfect choice and now on sale for $600 off. It has some solid suctioning power and it even features built-in mopping capabilities for cleaning up those sticky floors after last night’s house party.

However, we wouldn’t say the N8 is your best pick if you live in a home that’s mostly carpeted. Nuh-uh. It’s better suited to home with hard floors, especially so you can make the most of its mopping feature.

The only caveat with the N8 is that you’ll have to remember to empty it after each clean, just like you would with your fave Dyson stick. That’s why we recommend upgrading to the N8+ (currently $470 off), which comes with an automatic emptying station that can hold up to two months’ worth of dirt and dust. But hey, that all depends on how much you plan to use it.

BTW, don’t forget to pick up some accessories for your robovac before you scroll on! While your auto sucky boi will come with these, just like any old vacuum, its parts will endure some wear-and-tear after continuous use.

To ensure everything keeps running smoothly, keep some of these on hand, you’ll thank us later:

$900 off ECOVACS DEEBOT T10 Plus

robot vacuum sale

T10 Plus, now $899 (was $1,799)

Alright, so you need some oomph and maybe something that’ll tackle that rancid odour lurking under the lounge. In that case, the T10 Plus is your next step up from the DEEBOT N-series.

This 10-in-one robovac has stronger suctioning power, a built-in air freshener, voice assistant compatibility and an ultra-long 260-minute battery life. It’s better suited to larger homes with carpeted areas and it only needs to have its dust bags changed every 75 days.

Save $900 on ECOVACS DEEBOT X1 Turbo

robot vacuum sale

X1 Turbo, now $999 (was $1,899)

My last robovac recommendation for today is the X1 Turbo, one of the best that ECOVACS has to offer. Now on sale for $900 off, this robot vacuum can really do it all. It’s also the fanciest looking gadget out of the lot, with a sleek steel casing that is just chef’s kiss.

What really takes the cake with this auto-sucky boi is that it can suck, mop, self-empty and even wash its own mopping pads. It has the strongest suctioning power of the lot with 5,000pa (which is massive) so it’s ideal for digging deep into those carpets, but it’s also fitted with a video camera. Yes. This is the ultimate robot vacuum for pet owners, since you can wheel around as the robovacs, speak into your phone and say “Hey Fido!” whenever you feel like it.

As my dad would say, “Wow, technology.”

$170 off ECOVACS Winbot W1 PRO Window Cleaner Robot

robot vacuum sale

Winbot W1 Pro, now $629 (was $799)

Alright, so I did mention there’s a window-cleaning robot, didn’t I? Well, allow me to introduce you to the Winbot W1 Pro – a highly efficient and speedy little robotic window cleaner that’s unbelievably good at its job.

While I wouldn’t recommend this robot for multi-storey homes, it is perfectly suited for houses that boast those enormous floor-to-ceiling windows that are a bitch to clean. Instead of calling a professional, you can just plug in the Winbot, mount it onto the glass and let her rip.

How good are these robo sucky bois?

robot vacuum sale
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Robot vacuums are super appealing because of the minimal effort required by their owners. After a few uses, these little cordless machines will know the ins and outs of your place by using its sensors and cameras to create a mini 3D map of your home so it can pick up all surface-level dirt and dust.

You’ll have to be patient with it, though, since it may bump into yours walls and furniture (he’s still learning!!!), so it may take a few goes before your robovac has fully memorised the layout of your room.

Sadly, you can’t avoid vacuuming forever though, especially if your home’s mostly carpeted. Robot vacuum cleaners simply don’t have the same kind of powerful suction power as your standard stick, barrel or upright vacuum, so while the carpet might look clean on the surface, it’s still recommended you give it a “proper” vacuum for a deeper clean on the reg.

That said, they are excellent for picking up a reasonable amount of surface fluff, so if you’ve got a pet (or a rug) that sheds like a snake, it’s a worthwhile investment. Or you might feel nasty crap under your feet every day.

To ensure you get the most out of your robovacs, you’ll need to clean its filters, dust bins and brushes routinely, so it stays as hygienic and effective as possible.