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It’s glaringly obvious that we, planet earth, have a huge fkn waste problem. Not only are we still pumping single-use plastic back into the environment, but a vast majority of households still don’t know what can and can’t be recycled. 

Right now, 85% of soft plastics used in Australia still ends up in landfill, which is pretty horrifying stuff if you think about it. Especially when there are a few simple lifestyle changes you can make to help do something about it, like using the RecycleSmart app.

RecycleSmart is an innovative waste management company that want to make recycling things like clothes, batteries, e-waste and soft plastics as easy as ordering an Uber (and will cost you less!). 

Seriously, you collect all your recyclables (which can be anything on this list), pop them in one of their supplied bags or your own recycled shopping bags, book a collection on your preferred date and they’ll come pick it up and recycle it properly for you. 

Now I know what you must be thinking, this is going to cost me a kidney… guess again, friends, it’ll cost you all of $2 per bag! Yep, $2. That’s less than the bags some of you are used to forking out your pineapples for… fuck that’s less than a lot of things on the ol’ Maccas menu these days. 

You can book a single collection of up to 5 bags per pickup AND the first pickup is free when you sign up via the app or website.Great for when you’ve got too many tin cans left over from the weekend. How bloody good! 

Like all good things, there are some limitations: 

  • It’s all gotta fit in a standard-sized shopping bag (40cm H x 20cm D x 40cm W) with a capacity of 26 Litres. All items must fit in the bag allowing for some overflow or they can’t collect it. 
  • At this stage, they do not collect any containers of liquids from the problem waste section that are not correctly sealed or are leaking. 
  • They don’t collect any toxic or hazardous waste that should be collected by hazardous, chemical or toxic waste collection services.
  • And because they’re a very new Sydney-based startup, the only service a few areas at the moment. You can check if it’s available in your area here.

All very reasonable. 

So if like me, you’re looking to get those bags full of clothes you’ve been meaning to drop off to charity bin out of the back seat of your car, then sign up for the RecycleSmart app here. 

Go forth and recycle (properly), friends.