The Top 10 Ways To Make Yr Crib Feel Noice In 2019, According To Pinterest

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The new year brings with it the temptation to overhaul almost every element of our lives. From new year’s resolutions and fre$h hair cuts to different outlooks on things like work, the cringe ‘new year/new you’ saying actually has some allure.

And the same thing can be said for wanting to snaz up your home life. While you might not be ready to do something as dramatic as move house, there’s something about January that has us craving ways to make our place feel new again. And where better to look for awesome interior inspo than Pinterest and their 2019 Home Decor Trend Prediction Report?

To compile their definitive list, the picture pinning goldmine trawls through endless stats to round up the 10 rising decor searches set to be BIG in the year ahead.

Scroll down for a list of cool ways to jazz up your home, from larger redesign projects to a handful of smaller options appropriate for the renters amongst us.

1. Bold print wallpaper

They weren’t kidding when they said ‘bold’. One of the best parts about this in-your-face trend is that you don’t have to go and fork out for artworks too. Why? Because your walls are the art. Genius.

2. Cactus arrangements

Low and behold: another glorious excuse to stock up on indoor plants.

[jwplayer R96KTr5m]

3. Mustard yellow

Distinguished from its vibrant marigold and acid yellow counterparts, mustard, and its more subdued tone, is rapidly becoming the new statement decor shade of 2019.

4. Tin interiors

Whether it’s full-on wall feature or smaller panels worked into furniture, tin is having an aesthetic ‘moment’ this year.

5. Vertical gardens

Run out of shelves and ledges to hang your bless’d plants on? Why not hang them on the walls? All the kids are doing it these days, apparently.

6. Painted floor tiles

This trend has us trippin’ in more ways than one. Bonus: it’s also a little more forgiving with showing marks between cleans, so that’s a plus.

7. Textile art

‘New threads’ typically refers to new clothes, but now the term has expanded to include art with the rise of textile creations.

8. Contemporary fireplaces

Whether it’s modern-looking fixtures, or simply new ornamentation used to reinvigorate an antique frame, your fireplace has never been a more important focal point for your lounge room.

9. Natural swimming pools

I love how living next to a natural lagoon is just like a ‘trend’ now. Guess this is one of those ‘you either have it or your don’t’ sitation ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

10. Geometric paint

Geometric art and wall decor is now all the rage and, honestly, if you’ve been considering starting a career as an artist, this looks like a pretty easy way to start IMO.

All images courtesy of Pinterest.