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I am definitely the type of person who can’t buy nice things. I don’t read the instructions, I spill stuff, and I’m just generally a hot mess. So when Outer offered me a test-run of its outdoor furniture, which claims to be spill-resistant, I was intrigued. I even got a white-cushioned set because I was feeling a bit overconfident. Turns out there’s a lot more to this outdoor furniture beyond the mess-proof promise, though — here’s how it went.

Delivery + set up

The Outer Outdoor Aluminium Collection and Teak Collection seats arrive assembled, so you don’t have to deal with any tools, whether that’s a screwdriver or just yourself who gets impatient and frustrated when it comes to instruction manuals (hello). Basically, your seat frame is ready to go, all you need to do is unpack and pop the cushions on.

What this also means, however, is that you should keep your housing limitations in mind. While living five stories above entry level allows me to have an amazing outdoor terrace, it also means that getting things up the stairs by myself can be quite an ordeal. Each frame is between eight to 12 kilos, those without arms being lighter and easier to get from A to B. What can I say, I’m somewhat of a masochist.

Check the measurements of your doors and hallways and compare them with the product dimensions on site. You get the gist.

What makes Outer stand out from other outdoor furniture?

It has a patented OuterShell

You know when you visit someone’s house who has outdoor furniture, but it’s been raining, so their living room is now home to home to a literal heap of cushions that they’re trying to keep dry?

The good thing about Outer’s outdoor range is that they come with what the brand calls an OuterShell. I’ll admit I was a bit confused when I opened up the cushions, and they had a big grey flap attached to them, but after a few months of use, I now see how handy these things are.

There is a zip at the back of the seat cushions that rolls up to be hidden behind the back and arm cushions. Then, when you’re not using the seat or don’t know what ungodly creature is going to shit on them overnight, you roll open the grey flap to go over the cushions, securing it in place with a velcro strap underneath the chair so it doesn’t go flying about.

The OuterShell also has a handle on it to double as a carrying case. And because the weather in 2022 is about as predictable as the Don’t Worry Darling press tour, you simply grab the handle and bring the cushions inside that way. It’s much simpler than gathering all the cushions one by one in a mad rush against the weather, and it’s a much neater result inside too. If you’re a fan of organised mess, you’ll understand.

Note: if you’re buying chairs that have an arm cushion and a back cushion, it can be a tighter fit. Otherwise, just pull them in separately if you like everything to look the same in between sitting. Fun fact: it’s a patented design. That’s how you know the innovation is legit.

Messy binches be gone

Alright, this is a major selling point for me and likely for Outer customers to date. I am a messy person who cannot be trusted. My friends are messy people who cannot be trusted.

Outer’s eco-friendly cushion covers have the same coating as performance camping gear, meaning it holds strong against fading, weather, mould, tearing and… STAINS. Spills. Messes. Reminders of things you don’t want to be reminded of.

It’s been tested with red wine, paint, mustard, coffee and more. The idea is to get a hose straight away, and it will come right off, but because not everyone has an easily accessible hose, buckets or bottles of water also work. I have used this spray bottle to say goodbye to any stubborn debris or fluff or a large water bottle to remove quick spills. I was actually so nervous to actually pour something on the lounge because it’s so pretty, but I can confirm: red wine comes straight off. See below:


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Now it’s not magic. Let whatever the mess is fester for a while, and you might be in a little more trouble, meaning you’ll need dishwashing liquid, water, a microfibre cloth and actual effort to get the mess off.

I have made this mistake with little orange droplets that seem to be appearing (I think they are some sort of insect faecal matter, but I cannot confirm), and I needed to scrub. It came off easier than I thought it would, but it’s comforting to know that if I forget to use the OuterShell then I haven’t ruined everything. Are my cushion covers as white as they were when they arrived three months ago? No. But they’re certainly looking good. If I had my time again, I probably wouldn’t choose white and go for the grey instead.

If that doesn’t work, the cushion covers are removable and machine washable.

Outer furniture is comfortable as heck

Outdoor furniture is rarely synonymous with comfort, considering it needs to fight against the elements. But I have been known to fall asleep on the Outer outdoor furniture or consume an entire book on it in a matter of days.

While the outer layer looks and feels like cotton, it’s actually created with a performance fabric that avoids the chemicals known for making outdoor furniture scratchy and stiff. IYKYK.

For the inside, it’s made of three layers (including memory foam that you find in bougie mattresses) that allow your body to form to the cushions for support. The depth of the seat cushions has also been designed with a range of heights in mind. The result? Less slouching and more alleviation of pressure points. It’s a hard combination to pull off, but Outer has nailed it.

It’s versatile

If you’re someone who gets bored with a certain setup quickly — you know, constantly changing your bedroom around, so it feels newer — then you’ll love how versatile this outdoor range is. You just need to be smart and realistic with what you choose to get.

My outdoor terrace is about 3x3m, so I can comfortably fit the Outer Charcoal Aluminium Outdoor Sofa. But because it comprises a Corner Outdoor Chair (Right), a Corner Outdoor Chair (Left) and an Armless Chair in the middle, I’m able to reassemble the pieces in a way that suits me.

So you can have a two-seater with an extra armless chair for a more social setting, or you can lap up a three-seater when you’re wanting to lie down alone or just have one visitor. You can also create an L-shape, meaning that the armless chair more or less works as an ottoman if you like.

What this also means is that you can add pieces as your budget allows or as your house dynamic changes. Got into a relationship recently? Great! Add a chair!

Outer Outdoor Furniture price, warranty

Given everything the Outer outdoor collections offer, it’s no surprise that they come with a 10-year warranty. It’s also not a shock that they’re pretty expensive, but to be honest, all outdoor furniture is — even if you find one on Facebook Marketplace that has seen a bender or two in their time. The Outer Outdoor Aluminium Collection, for example, starts with individual pieces at $864.

But I’m not just a bearer of bad news.

Outer is also currently having a first birthday sale offering 20% off the RRP until December 5. If you miss that, you can cop $300 off any orders over $2800 using the code ‘PEDESTRIAN’ from now until December 31. You can’t use these vouchers together, but you will be saving hundreds no matter what. Of course, you can also pay in instalments, so it’s not one huge hit.

If you’ve got an outdoor area that’s being under-utilised, it’s food for thought. And that food can be washed right off if you spill it. Peep the Outer range here.

Image: Cougartown, Outer