Keith Urban & Nicole Kidman’s Lil’ Country Home Is On Sale For, Ah, $4.5M

Ah, celebs. So much money. So many houses. What a damn life, right?

It feels like some celeb somewhere is putting one of their bajillion properties on the market every day, and today it’s Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman – yep, the two loved-up cuties are palming off their Tennessee farmhouse, which is pretty tame as far as celeb mansions go tbh.

Here’s a look from above. Imagine how many rescue dogs you could own. And rescue horses. Also, rescue cats. Just a lot of rescue animals.

Inside, it’s all very down-home country. Which is typico considering it’s in Tennessee and Keith’s a country music star and they’re not like, the Kardashians or anything.

There’s 6 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms in the place, which means you could have your mates over – hell, they could live there with you – all the time.

There’s a full gym, if you care. And there’s a separate cottage to “house a caretaker” according to E!, which to us is just asking for some creepy, evil caretaker to come murder everyone. You know like in movies where they go check out the caretaker’s cottage and it’s full of farm weapons and pictures of the main-house family members with bullet holes through them?

There’s also this piiiiimp wardrobe situation. Think of how many shoes or expensive handbags you could get in there.

Couple of weird things. There’s a bath BETWEEN sinks.

Either those sinks are way too low, or that bathtub is up insanely high. Idk which is worse. There’s also this toot situation where the roof is glass. No one wants to be pooping while a magpie has a lil’ glare at them, OK.

But you know, you can’t have everything. Sometimes you have to put up with a toot with a view.