HEY, RICHIES: This Tuscan Farmhouse Once Owned By Michelangelo Is Up For Sale

Calling anyone rich – can you buy this for me? Thanks.

“This” is a beautiful, idyllic Tuscan farmhouse once owned by *the* Michelangelo.

It’s huge, by the way. So if you wanted to also live there I could work something out, I guess. It has 8 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms, and is situated on 6 whole acres across three buildings. Three!

It’s been with one family for 300 years, but now it’s up for sale for a chill $9.65 million.

Those 6 acres feature a lemon orchard, olive grove and vineyards. So you can literally live your dream of eating from the land, if you wanna live off lemony olives and wine.

Honestly, we could collectively make this work. Let’s pool our tiny savings and buy this baby, yeah?