Although we collectively lost our marbles over Koala’s announcement that a bloody couch was imminent in their already hyped as hell collection of products, we weren’t really given much to go on.

Sure, they promised 4 hour delivery. Sure, the Instagram post said the couch could be made in 4 minutes (!!). But what was the vibe of this thing? The size?

Well, as of today we’ve got all the goss.


Anyone who’s bought a couch in the last 30 years or whatever will be fully aware that they usually take bloody millennia to appear in your home. Okay, so maybe more like weeks. But still – that’s a real situation if you’re dealing with a wooden floor TV binge situation in the meantime.

Some conventional sofa stores will take an order – and payment – and then force the customer to wait up to 12 weeks to receive their purchase. It’s not good enough. Koala is offering same-day delivery, backed by a 120-day trial period.

So basically, you’re guaranteed your sofa the day you order it. Sweet.


Koala’s big schtick is making moving your furniture from rental to rental a cinch. They’re all about the easy to assemble life.

It can be delivered within four hours to metropolitan centres across the country and assembled (or disassembled when it is time to move) within four minutes.

This four minutes business seems fake but OK. We’ll tentatively believe.


I mean, der. Obviously you want a sofa to be comfy. But most build-it-at-home, cheapie sofa’s are decidedly horrific when it comes to the comfort scale. Think too hard, or too soft, not deep enough etc etc. This one’s meant to be primo levels of comfort.

It features a steel frame, a trampoline base, and we have drawn on our comfort know-how from our mattress development and applied it to our quality foam base and poly-foam fill cushions. The cushions and sprung supports have been designed in unison to provide ergonomic support via a perfectly angled seat that helps you feel relaxed, so you melt into the most comfortable sofa available. We understand that a sofa is best shared (be it with loved ones, friends or pets), so we’ve focused on making it versatile to accommodate any sitting position.

That last bit – I’m keen. My current sofa literally repels human life, that’s how stupidly shaped it is.


Basically, Koala are well aware we don’t treat our couches the same way as a 70 year old rich woman treats her leather one.

At launch, Koala is offering two different machine-washable covers to suit different decors: Storm Grey and Midnight Blue. The cushion covers are engineered here in Australia to remain durable, hard-wearing and resistant to pilling. The cushions, which we’ve dubbed snooze-friendly and incredibly “nappable”, can be moved around to help provide the best sleep possible on a couch.

This means your dog can do a shit on it and you can wash that riiiight off. Sort of.

Keen? They’re asking folks who want in to sign up for notification of launch. Hit up their site here.