Koala have not been taking it easy in iso, clearly. The Aussie furniture company, if anything, have gone TOO hard with the newness, launching not one, but three new sofas – and three new armchairs.

The OG Koala sofa has loads of rave reviews and you’ve probably either sat on one at your mates place and asked why the hell it’s so comfy, or have had a complete stranger start waxing lyrical about how epic it is at some house party. That complete stranger was probably me.

But while the OG sofa was amazing (it’s super deep! It’s squishy but not too squishy! You can spill red wine all over it because you’re a mess and still wash it!), it did give you limited options. For one, it only came in a navy blue and a grey – great hues, but not really aligning with my own forced 70s aesthetic. It only came in a two or three seater option, and while you could add an ottoman to make it slightly modular, it wasn’t *really* modular.

These are small gripes, I know, but picking a couch is a fiddly process. My point is, the news Koala had expanded their range is probs music to your ears if you liked the vibe of their OG couch, but the colourway/style didn’t suit your home vibes.

Okay, so what are these new couches? Well, there’s the Modern Sofa, which comes in a million different ways like a 4.5 seater, a 3 seater with a chaise, and a full-on modular corner 3 seater. The price ranges from $1,450 to $2,700.

It comes in that grey shade but ALSO in this really nice oatmeal shade called Hawky.

You know what looks heaps cute with the Modern sofa? This Timber Chair.

It’s $550 and YES that is a PERFECTLY RUST COLOURED 70s SHADE. Seriously though, the mid-century vibes are heaven. It also comes in the grey. There’s also this High Back Chair for any more minimalist interiors.


That one is $600 and comes in that creamy colour as well as a green. Back to the couches, the Coastal Sofa was inspired by Byron Bay and looks a bit softer and snugglier, if you prefer that kinda material. According to Koala’s Design Manager Demetre Tryfiatis, the Coastal Sofa “proportions have been pulled low, deep and wide to ensure that whatever position you sit in, is the right position to stretch out and sink in.”


It comes in Billabong and Milk Bar, which is that blue colour or a creamy hue, also known as the colour you definitely don’t get if you have a dog who insists on digging in muddy pools then doing zoomies all over your couch. The three seater is $1,450 and there’s also an armchair for $750, with the ottoman at $400.

Finally, there’s the Compact Sofa which is most like their original. It’s a bit more raised from the ground, and it’s designed for smaller spaces. Yep, it’s a 3 seater that fits in tighter spots, so it’s great if you’re low on space. It comes in this dark grey and a cream, and is $1000, with the ottoman coming in at $300.


And there’s the Everyday Chair, which looks great with the Compact Sofa and comes in at $500.

So yeah, there’s a LOT of choice. Also worth noting that the well-loved OG sofa isn’t going anywhere – phew.

A bit overwhelmed? What you mainly need to know is that the Modern & Compact sofa collections, plus the Timber Armchair launch on the 3rd August 2020. The Coastal Sofa, High Back Chair and Everyday Chair launch on the 31st August. So you’ve got a bit of time to scrape your pennies together.