Koala has branched further out from the bedroom and dropped a heap of very schmick-looking dining furniture this week. They’ve clearly moved on from having breakfast in bed or on the couch and are ready to take things to the kitchen (or the dining room, but who even has the room for that in a rental).

The brand’s first foray into the food room – or maybe the place where you chuck all the mail and random shit when you get home – has the essentials for sitting and eating, or working, or doing a puzzle, or whatever you do with that space. Table and chairs. All you need.

Specifically, there are two different sizes of a sustainably-sourced Ash Wood dining table. A four-person setup for those tight on space, and a larger, six-seater situation if you’ve got a bit more elbow room.

Serenity 6-Seater Dining Table – $850

The tables are also finished with lacquer so any spills can be wiped off easily. Good for me, a person whose family has a long history of throwing red wine across tables on accident.

As for a place for park your ass, Koala has come up with two options. If you like to sit back and lean against your chair after a particularly delish meal, or you have a knack of chucking your jacket or jumper on the back of a chair, the Straight Back Chair is your go-to.

These ones come in two colours, so if you’ve also got the Koala lounge in Silver Fox or Woolloomooloo Blue, you can matchy-match everything.

Straight Back Dining Chair (Set of Two) $300

And if you’re the kinda person who likes to be hugged on your butt a bit more while you hoof down a meal, have a wine, or a bit of a post-dinner D&M, Koala has also brought out a range of curved-back chairs for a little extra comfy.

Curved Dining Chair (Set of Two) – $350

And if you really want to overhaul your dining space, you can bundle your dream set together in one pack.

This new range comes hot on the tails of the adorable All-Nighter Tables Koala dropped recently, as well as revamped sofas, armchairs, new bed base sizes, and an all-seasons doona (though they call it a duvet – righto then).

Not bloody bad, and tbh I assume that by the time I’m 35 my whole house will just be Koala stuff. It started with the mattress (a godsend for my back and hips, I won’t lie) and now half my house is filled with all this furniture that’s piss-easy to put together.

Image: Koala