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Far be it for me to decry the decor of the common sharehouse; a glorious cobbled-together mess of stuff either found on the side of the road, or left behind by former housemates who simply could not be bothered moving it. It serves its purpose, and it is a beloved era in people’s lives for a reason. That being said, if ever there were a time for you to, say, break out of your own cycle of filth by purchasing a bed frame that isn’t comprised of old pallets or a couch free of gaffer tape, it’s bloody well today. Because Koala, in all their shimmering majesty, have just launched a truly mammoth sale on all – yes, all – their range.

You and I need very little introduction to Koala at this stage. They’re the gang that ships dope mattresses in manageable boxes. You know the ones; they spring open with shin-shattering force when you slice the plastic open and it’s low-key metal as hell.

Earlier today, Koala launched their brand new Cyber Sale, which is slinging eye-watering discounts of up to 20% across their entire range.

And when we say entire we do mean exactly that. The lot. The whole shebang. The complete set. The box and the dice.

That famous mattress? 20% off right now. Currently heading out the door from just $600.

The bed frame to match? 15% off too. Maybe you pick up a cheap boy from $510, I don’t know. What you do with your money is no concern of mine.

The comfy as duvet to hurl on top of it? 15% off as we speak. You can grab one from just $204. That’s a whole new bedroom setup for not that much. You are Night Time Royalty, just like that.

But, and we cannot stress this enough, it does not end there. Koala Couches are part of the sale, as are armchairs, TV units, WFH desks, sofa beds, everything.

Absolutely everything, in the whole wide world* (Koala online range*).

You can cop all the deals in the Koala Cyber Sale right here.

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