If you’re anything like me, all this home time means more time in bed which means those sheets and doona covers are getting a bit manky. Almost as if they knew, the team at Koala have just kicked off a big-ass sale, which includes literally everything in their expanding range/empire of fancy homewares and furniture.

To celebrate Koala’s fifth birthday, they’re giving everyone else a present (not sure how that works but I’m not questioning it) with up to 20% off their whole site, which includes the fancy new lounge setups, bookshelves, that wild unfolding sofa bed, the buttery-silky sheets, and the OG and the best mattress.

Legit, I have a crook back and working from home has made it 100x more janked. Sleeping on that damn mattress every night is a godsend for my hips (which are also crook, I’m a very bunged-up person). And the sheets are like heaven on my skin.

koala sale birthday
Double Duvet Set – $144.50

Now that all the Koala gear is on sale I reckon I’m gonna treat myself to some of those new pillows because – you guessed it – working from home has absolutely destroyed my shoulders as well. That combined with becoming A Runner has really just cooked me and I wish to sleep on a cloud of supportive fairy-floss and memory foam.

koala sale birthday
Memory Foam Pillow – $127.50

Lucky for me and my busted shoulders, the fancy memory foam pillows are now down to $127.50 from $150 a pop, which is an investment that I’m sure will mean I won’t have to spend all my money on remedial massages all the damn time.

Or you could just lean right into your new-found personality of Hectic Plant Parent™, which is exactly what I now want to do with a setup like this with their bookshelf. I’ve got the bloody redecorating itch, and it simply must be scratched with all the pint money I’ve saved up from not going to the pub every weekend.

koala sale birthday
Tall & Wide Timber Bookshelf – $560

So if you’re ready to revamp your whole everything after pretty much the entire year inside, nip over to the Koala website, dig into the sale stuff, and get that life overhaul done right in time for Spring. We’ve all probably exhausted the at-home activities already, so why not make the next one a mission to work in a new butt groove on a spiffy new couch?

Image: Instagram / @koala / @thebearcubclub