JB Hi-Fi’s Huge Kitchen Sale Ends Tomorrow So Get Your Winter Iso Cooking Setup Sorted Now

Right in time for bulk winter cooking, long-ass stews, and miles of toasted sandwiches and jaffles, JB Hi-Fi has a huge sale of cookware and kitchen tech to get you cooking with gas.

The big sale on kitchen goodies and gadgets is on until tomorrow (April 22) and includes things like NutriBullet megapacks, fancy Soda Streams, jaffle makers, coffee machines, air fryers and slow cookers for cheap.

We’re staring down the barrel of a pretty long, lonely winter inside and it’s absolutely the perfect time to get stuck into that pile of cookbooks you’ve been looking at for ages but never actually committing to cooking from. Go on, do Nigella Lawson a solid and make one of her comforting slow-cooked lamb dishes already. Impress your kitchen mum, she’ll be proud of you.

Here’s everything that I want to buy and put in my house, because God knows I’m yearning for a spicy water setup, cooking something for eight hours, and to be able to purify the shit out of the gross isolation air in my bedroom. I’m not spending absurd amounts of money at the pub on the weekends anymore (RIP) so may as well fill my house with trinkets.

jb hifi kitchen sale
NutriBullet Mega Pack – $99
JB Hifi kitchen sale
Phillips All-In-One Multicooker – $179
JB Hifi kitchen sale
Breville Easy Air Purifier – $219
JB Hifi kitchen sale
SodaStream Source Element – $119
JB Hifi kitchen sale
DeLonghi Nespresso Mini Solo – $119

The current JB Hi-Fi catalogue has a pretty solid range of tools and stuff so you can get all the gear and no idea as the days get shorter and your desire for everything to be oven-baked and smothered in cheese intensifies. It’s iso rules, this is the time when you slow things right down to a low simmer and get really good at that slow-cooked bolognese recipe.

Stepping out of the kitchen, JB Hi-Fi is also piffing cheap Chromecast and Chromecast setups, Xbox One S bundles and other things to keep you entertained and/or in that YouTube hole for hours on end.